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Jun 02 2013

Integrating Google Custom Search

The Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) is a server side program written in C++ for web developers to improve their individual search results. It comes in few different flavors as advanced as Google Enterprise Search servers to Google hosted search pages. I will go into deep end with Google Custom Search for personal websites, a …

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Jun 01 2013

Introduction to Drupal modules

Drupal is the second most popular Content Management System (CMS) with the best reputation for security. It is behind WordPress CMS because for most non-programmers/geeks, the administration of Drupal can be a nightmare. Even for someone who is not new to web programming, the learning curve can be very high. But there are good reasons …

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May 22 2013

Optimizing print friendly version

Sometimes it is very important to provide users with access to “print friendly” (printer friendly, print file, etc) version of the web content. When publishing content focused pages, the added images / diagrams, side bars and other items that help creates a smooth surfing structures can also work against “printability” of a website. Newspapers, University …

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May 16 2013

Export and import SQL databases

Migrating SQL/MySQL databases from one location to another is not something most of you will do. There are circumstances where migrating a database from the administration side of a server is easier than trying to manually copy data. If you change your web host (or server) after creating databases in the current location or if …

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May 13 2013

Creating a skin from Graphene theme

Please note this article is specifically written using Graphene Theme. The concepts can be implemented on others themes with slight modifications. Yes, WP is a very flexible CMS with wide range of third party extensions. Another reason for it’s flexibility is that the developers of WordPress CMS are pushing for multipurpose program. Within few years …

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