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Nov 01 2014

How to fix WP Error Establishing a Database Connection

The Error Establishing a Database Connection error is a very common issue on WordPress. This issue is caused by a connection failure between the WordPress CMS and the SQL database. Here is a simple guide to fix the problem. Finding the cause This can be caused by several issues. If you are getting the same …

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Aug 03 2014

Building a website

I do not think you need an explanation on what is a website. It is a digital platform that can be used to share information and media across the general purpose Internet (as opposed to internal sites). I have been asked by several people about website development. So I compiled this handy little FAQ type …

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Jul 01 2014

Updating Electrical Components

Last year I published an article on home electrical wiring basics. When I looked back at that document, I realized that I have missed several aspects of electrical wiring. This article will complement the previous by expanding the subject matter. What can you do without professional help? In Calgary, Canada, the municipal laws allow the …

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May 23 2014

Choosing a thermostat

In most parts of the developed world, we live in houses that are at least ten years old (or often older). Hence homeowners spent their money on home improvements. One of the easiest ways to renovate your house is to replace the old units with new ones. Today I am going to discuss a simple …

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Jan 06 2014

How to fix overclocking failed error

This is a well documented boot failure issue on most Asus motherboard. When the issue arise, the message, “Overclocking Failed! Please enter setup to re-configure your system.” will be displayed on start up before the system goes into boot sequence. So, how can you fix this? What causes the problem? The K-type processors from Intel …

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