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May 16 2016

Database Management System for Online Ticket Sales

Database Management System (DBMS) of online ticket sale for the stage play “Kusa-Paba” at the University of Calgary Theater. Abstract and Project Description The University of Calgary Theater has 500 available seats. This particular DBMS is built to allow users to order and purchase tickets online. Tickets sold by agents can also be entered to …

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Apr 25 2016

Maximum Input Variables WP Error

The max_input_vars limitation error is a very common issue that most WordPress web developers and website owners may encounter at some point in their career. Few days ago, my website also experienced the same problem. The solution is very simple; increase the value assigned to max_input_vars in the PHP configuration file on the web server. …

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Aug 28 2014

Protect and secure WordPress admin

The plain HTML based websites are no longer popular on the net. This is because the PHP based Content Management Systems (CMS) offer wide range of flexible solutions. From development stand point CMS programs allow easy integration of different tools such as jQuery, JavaScipt, PHP scripts and many more. From end-user point of view, it …

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Feb 01 2014

Installing web applications

There are two major platforms used commercially for web development; Microsoft Windows Server and Linux based OS versions such as Red Hat Enterprise. You could also get a fully operational free version of Linux Operating Systems for personal or small business use. Out of the two main platforms, the most popular one among large companies …

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Dec 17 2013

Random Item from CMS Database

There are few ways to do this in WordPress CMS using the PHP web language. What I would say the “best way” involves editing either original or Child Theme functions.php file. Therefore it is bit risky and you could potentially take your side down in an event of an incorrect implementation. Let’s look at the …

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