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Jun 06 2016

What is a well log?

A well log, also known as a petrophysical log is similar to a cardiogram, which records electrical activity of your heart. An electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) does not provide answers to hearth problems. It provides an outlook into the state of the heart. The EKG is interpreted by a medical doctor to provide solutions to …

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Feb 02 2016

Estimation of Q Factor

Estimation of Q Factor in Seismic Evaluations Sanuja SenanayakeGeology Undergraduate Student: Winter 2015, University of Calgary. Summary The quality of seismic images varies with the several parameters. Fundamentally, the signal strength plays a major role in the clarity of seismic images. By analyzing the signal quality quantitatively as opposed to qualitatively, we can correct the …

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Nov 20 2015

Careers Petroleum Geology

The terms “Petroleum Geology” and “Petroleum Engineering” have been around since the boom in the oil and gas industry. But you should ask yourself, is there any difference between a Geologist and a Petroleum Geologist? Can a Professional Geologist perform the same tasks as a specialized Professional Petroleum Geologist? To answer these questions, we need …

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Jan 02 2015

Late Heavy Bombardment

The Late Heavy Bombardment and its Impact on the Terrestrial Planets Sanuja Senanayake1, Jenna Sie1, Brendan Visser1 and Cassie Vocke11Geology Undergraduate Students: Fall 2014, University of Calgary. Abstract The Late Heavy Bombardment (LHB) is a hypothetical astrophysical event which occurred in our Solar System 4.1 to 3.8 billion years ago. At this time, an increased …

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Oct 01 2014

Thin Section Sketches

Thin section sketches are drawings that represent what you observed. But most of us (students, researchers and professors) are not artistically inclined. Even if you are good at drawing diagrams, you still have to empathize key features when drawing a thin section sketch. Here are some tips and tricks for making a good (if not …

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