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May 16 2016

Database Management System for Online Ticket Sales

Database Management System (DBMS) of online ticket sale for the stage play “Kusa-Paba” at the University of Calgary Theater. Abstract and Project Description The University of Calgary Theater has 500 available seats. This particular DBMS is built to allow users to order and purchase tickets online. Tickets sold by agents can also be entered to …

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Nov 01 2014

How to fix WP Error Establishing a Database Connection

The Error Establishing a Database Connection error is a very common issue on WordPress. This issue is caused by a connection failure between the WordPress CMS and the SQL database. Here is a simple guide to fix the problem. Finding the cause This can be caused by several issues. If you are getting the same …

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Feb 01 2014

Installing web applications

There are two major platforms used commercially for web development; Microsoft Windows Server and Linux based OS versions such as Red Hat Enterprise. You could also get a fully operational free version of Linux Operating Systems for personal or small business use. Out of the two main platforms, the most popular one among large companies …

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May 16 2013

Export and import SQL databases

Migrating SQL/MySQL databases from one location to another is not something most of you will do. There are circumstances where migrating a database from the administration side of a server is easier than trying to manually copy data. If you change your web host (or server) after creating databases in the current location or if …

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May 13 2013

Customizing the editor for coding

A lot of people hate software just because they do not like the look and feel of the user interface. Surprisingly even the knowledgeable “geeks” have strong preferences on the GUI (Graphical User Interface). This often takes away the focus from functionality and versatility of programs and impact negatively on high quality products. The good …

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