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Dec 28 2012

Configuring DHCP for LAN using Windows Server

Windows Server 2010 (also anything on NT platform; 2000, 2008, etc) is a powerful operating system with a wide range of capabilities. That is why most companies regardless of how small they are allocate a significant amount of their IT

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Dec 13 2012

Command Prompt (CMD) tricks you should know

ping in CMD

In this graphical computer age, you don’t have to know how to use Windows DOS Commands. Almost everything can be down through interactive graphical interface on Windows. Even on several Linux based operating systems,

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Nov 13 2012

How to setup auto update for Bginfo.exe

The bginfo is an “unofficial” program published by Microsoft that will display basic information about the Windows workstation or server on background image. It is somewhat unofficial because Microsoft does not promote the program as official software. So why do you care

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