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Mar 27 2016

Certificate and the Ring

It is March already and graduating students from Engineering and Geoscience programs in several provinces across Canada are excited to receive their professional certificates and the infamous rings. Future Engineers get their Iron Rings and the future Geologists and Geophysicists get their Earth Rings1. To some people receiving the certificate and the ring represent just …

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May 01 2015

Discrimination is well practiced in Asia and Middle East

When we talk about discrimination, it is always the Europeans who are often blamed for the problem. This is well demonstrated in majority of Western newspapers and publications. Often these Western papers portray racism as a problem for the non-Whites created by the Whites. The popular media completely ignore the hardships South Asian and African …

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Dec 24 2014

Mindfulness without the core values

After scientific research proved mindfulness meditation and physiological treatments derived from ancient Buddhist traditions work better than chemical-based medications1,2,3, mindfulness techniques have been growing in popularity in the Western world. The companies like Google Inc. have hired specialist to train their staff on mindfulness. American (USA) prisons officials have used it to control and reduce …

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Sep 01 2014

Few tips for new Geoscience students

Even before we go into minute details on being a successful Geoscience student, let me explain why we use “Geoscience” as opposed to “Earth Science” or “Geology”. Geology can be loosely defined as the study of solid Earth and the processes which the Earth evolve. But it has grown into a multidisciplinary field with several …

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May 16 2014

Pictures from field school

The pictures are from the Carlin Canyon, Nevada Field School instructed by Dr. Charles Henderson and Dr. Benoit Beauchamp at the University of Calgary. However, this page has no affiliation to the professors or the university. This is a personal (Sanuja Senanayake) collection of images. The GPS reading are taken either from the built-in GPS …

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