How to delete a Remote Desktop Connection entry

I found that most people have no idea how to delete a cached entries from Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) on a Windows OS based computer. In fact, I had no clue how to do this up until recently I had to log in to my server from a public school computer to modify some files. Even after you log out and select delete profile from the RDC, it will still show up in the Connections drop down next time someone open it. This is a problem because if a user with wrong intent to attack your computer or server open the RDC, it will provide them with half of the solution to hack your system, the IP or domain name!

If you try Google search to find an answer to this issue, you will quickly come across Microsoft KB article here, which is more complicated than useful to most users. I have no idea why a great user friendly software company like Microsoft doesn’t explain well on their help sites on registry editing for intermediate to advance users. May be because they don’t want novice users to pick up that information from their site and damage the OS in the process of regedit. Yes, it include the path and how to edit it, but there are no clear cut step by step instructions on how to properly do it.

The following method is the easiestway to delete an entry from Remote Desktop Connection:
Open regedit: Type regedit on the general search (on the start menu) of the computers running Windows Vista and up. If you have a older OS, then open Run, and type regedit.exe.

General Search in Windows 7
General Search in Windows 7

General Search in Windows 8
General Search in Windows 8

Find this parth: Go in to the Terminal Server Client using, HKEY_CURRENT_USER–>Software–>Microsoft–>Terminal Server Client–>Default

Delete the entry: You will see all the entries with their respective IP address or domain names recorded on the system history. Pick the one you want to delete and hit delete on your keyboard OR right click and delete it.

Make sure you close the regedit.exe BEFORE you open the RDC because this change may not reflect on the client.

Now you will not see the entry in the RDC client when you open it the next time.

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