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This site is a platform for Sanuja Senanayake to help out others since 2003. The primary goal of the site is to promote Geology education and critical thinking. If you are a prospective employer, please take a look at my résumé or contact me for a web development project.


My philosophy is; what’s the point of learning if you cannot share your knowledge? This is why I decided to publish my knowledge on online public domain. Not only I published Academic information, but also have added philosophical articles to incite the mind of the reader. I am a free thinker and sometimes this is why the popular opinion followers may be offended by what I have to say about Socio-Economic issues. I guess that’s what makes us human, right?

I believe in free access to education, but with credit for my hard work. Therefore please do not copy and republish materials on this website.


Over the years I posted sample questions (or practice questions) mostly related to Geoscience field. Today, you have access to over 2600 questions covering over 10 different specializations. They are not meant to replace your instructors or textbooks. They can complement your learning as additional resources. Please beware that I am not a professional and therefore you may come across errors or mistakes. Feel free to report them back to me.

Keep in mind that my goal is NOT to help you cheat on exams, but rather help you understand concepts.

Another part of this site is the “blogging” part. It is a database consists of several hundreds of articles covering a large range of subjects. They can be highly logical and scientific or they can also be full of opinions. Either way you will come across articles related to Geology, Geophysics, Computer Science, web development, home improvement, and more. Most of my hobbies related to technology. So expect a lot of tech or geek talk here and there. Some of the articles may compliment the exam database.

You may use the Print icon to make a physical copy without the site title image and such. For your convenience, the pages and blog posts are divided into categories and tags which connect similar subjects together.

In case you are curious about the title image (very top) on the main site (non-mobile); it is a thrust fault near the border between Canada and US in Waterton Lakes National Park.


First: I am not a life coach and should not be taken seriously. Second: While every effort is made to ensure that the content of this website is accurate, sometimes mistakes happen. Even approved textbooks after several revisions have errors (and websites like USGS.gov too). It is impractical for myself to poof read everything (logic errors, grammar, tone) on a live site. The current update rate is about every two days! So please be advised that you will come across errors or incorrect information on this site. Please report them as soon as possible by contacting me.


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Sanuja Senanayake,
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