PHP based password protected access point

I found a PHP based script that will protect data from the general public. This is done using a simple PHP script that will terminate the page data from processing in HTTP request if a correct credential is not entered. The key part of this script is that it can be saved in any folder on the server regardless of the folder access is public or private. The script can be used to protect any web page using the PHP’s native data loading mechanism. I have no idea how secure the PHP script now protecting the secure science area. That’s where detailed user records comes in handy because in an event of a hack or a flooding, I can monitor the situation and close down all lose ends of the system.

I am not saying that server side password security scripts are highly secured. But they have much better controls to prevent hacking than general HTML or JS scripts. Some PHP based user control scripts utilizes SQL (or MySQL) databases. However, even that can be hacked. I guess nothing is 100% criminal proof.

Anyway, I just decided to share with the blog fans that the Science site has been updated with a secure area where some very “special” science stuff are posted. If you want access to it, you have to contact me to get it. I will write the usage policy for that area during this Christmas(Winter) break and for now the area is govern by the current policies posted on the main site.

On a side note to my progress in finishing off the finals, today I just wrote my Chem 203 exam. The written was hard as we expected, but most of us found that the multiple choice to be easy. There were a lot of concept questions so I think that the students who just did the math side of it and expect to score high may have been disappointed. Chemistry is a wired science like Geology where you need to be able to use all parts of your brains to achieve good marks.