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I found an error in the quiz/exam. How can I help to fix it?

Please report all site errors, omissions and corrections at Quiz Error Reporting Form here. You may also email to server { } Since questions displayed at random a database, please include a brief description about the question. The question number is not very useful because it changes each time the the computer randomly pick a question. Thank you.

What should I do if questions won’t load?

Please use Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Android 2.1 and up or BlackBerry Webkit browser to access the site. The site do not officially support IE 7 and up. The site do not officially support Windows Mobile browsers.

Note: If you are having issues loading the quiz question on your mobile device, try opening the page in desktop mode (switch at the bottom of the mobile site).

Why is it taking a long time to load a quiz or an exam?

Please use high speed Internet to access any exam/quiz over 50 questions.

Do you keep a record of my performance on these quizzes and exams?

No, the server does not save any records of user performance information. Only the network and server performance data will be recorded. This policy will NOT be changed without clear notice on the top of the page. Only the standard IP address, the time stamp along with date will be recorded in the regular server log files.

Who wrote the questions and study materials?

The questions and answers in the exams and quizzes were written by Sanuja Senanayake based on the lecture notes, discussions, textbook materials and other available resources.

Why do you make them?

Oh the most common question… for a simple reason. I can learn better by creating exam type questions before the exam and a lot of students do it. But the only difference is that I simply decided to post them on the net. In addition, I always like to help others whenever it is possible and enjoying others success. If a single student was able to obtain a high average by using this site as an additional study tool, that will be my greatest satisfaction. So if you find the site useful, please leave a comment so I know that I have helped someone!

Who takes responsibility for errors?

No one and please read the disclaimers, warnings and notices posted in various areas of the site.

I do my best to reduce errors and issues. If you find any errors please use the Contact Form to let me know. I will take appropriate actions as soon as possible.

Isn’t that illegal for you to post these question on the public domain?

No, because I made the questions using my knowledge of the subject. Even though notes and materials may be provided by the University of Calgary, I am not breaking any laws. Legally I do not even have to give credits to anyone, but I decided to post credits to respective professors and individuals. If you feel that I have posted something without providing proper credits, please contact me with the details.

Who owns the copyright to these materials?

Unless otherwise specifically noted, Sanuja Senanayake holds copyrights to these materials and he will not provide permission to copy, edit and/or republish these questions in any form. However, you may request permission and I may grant permission case-by-case basis. For more information, please read the Site Copyright Notice.

Can you post lecture notes and textbooks online?

There are several websites that post PDF version of textbooks and lecture notes online. Under the Copyright laws in Canada and the University of Calgary policies, it is illegal and unethical to post textbooks or lecture notes online (entirely or in parts). Unless a Professor or textbook Publisher and/or author specifically grant permission, this site will not be used as a hub for piracy. If you want access to lecture notes, please contact someone who is enrolled in the particular class.

What is Secure Access and how can I get access to it?

Secure Science is a restricted area on this site because it is the file repository for science, math and engineering. Unless I personally assign you a username and a password, you are not allowed to access it. The files in the Secure Science contain educational and personal information that is not visible to general public.

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How can I contribute to your website?

You may donate for the cost of servers and web operations at, Donate to Support.

You may support admin by signing up for free DropBox account at, dropbox Every time one of you get an account using the link, DorpBox give me extra storage space.

Promote the site at, Submit Blog & RSS Feeds

You may email me with free offers to correct any sit errors (written language), translations, CSS / PHP / C# / Java / other coding help, and for article to be published on You may also submit your own articles to be publish at SANUJA.COM thru Contact Form. Choose “Submit an Article to be Published” as your subject.

Can I republish or reproduce materials on this site?

No, all the materials posted here are copyrighted to Sanuja Senanayake. Please read the copyright policies and terms of use of this site here. However, you may reproduce with my permission. The full credit must be given to SAANUJA.COM and/or Sanuja Senanayake. Please contact me for request for reproduction.

Why are you not accepting comments on this site?

For the public, comments are a great way to express their opinion on published work. For web developers and server administrators, it is an added burden. I used to have a comments section, but even with low visitors volume I ended up with large volumes of spam. At one time, the spam (including pings) have exhausted the server processor and memory and my hosting provider almost suspended the account. It is also sometimes used by hackers to take down or vandalize website. Additionally, I do not have time to moderate discussions. Therefore, the comments (including pings) are no longer accepted by this site.

I’m offended by something I saw on the site. What should I do about it?

A lot of people get offended for one reason or for another. It is just a perks of maintaining a website. If you find something really annoying due to your own personal beliefs sprung out of political, religious, or otherwise ideologies, please feel free to boycott this website. However, if you find errors such as language, factual or web coding errors, please report them here.

I recommend meditation and “walk in the park” techniques for improving tolerance for freedom of speech.

How can I report an illegal content on the site?

If you find anything illegal under the laws of Canada on this website, please report that information to Sanuja Senanayake as soon as possible. All illegal materials will be taken down within five business days after a proper violation request. If you are making a copyright claim, please provide some detail on your original work.

Can I hire you to build my site?

Yes and no. It depends on the time and my school workload. I did some volunteer work for few NGOs in Calgary. I cannot work as your web developer at this moment because I cannot commit to full time contract. If you need some free advice, please send me message and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. If you have a project/job for me, please visit this page. I do NOT run a web business. This is my personal hobby.

What had happened to your old website that ran from 2004 to 2010?

It was taken down and replaced with the current one to improve the performance of the site. The original site was a web design project first created when I was 14 years old. Over the past few years my hobby has outgrown the old pure HTML site.

Why not use a CMS to load all your data from a database with all the flexibility?

I don’t like this method because of two reasons: First would be that there is no way to take full control over how databases and the associated materials. Two, I have to learn how to use whatever the CMS I choose and if I decided, I don’t like it, I have to remove it and learn a new one all over again. This is why I am working on the style sheets so that I can change the entire side with one style sheet similar how CMS operates. However on March 2012 I decided it will take too much time for me to maintain the site and the servers with custom databases. So I decided to use this Wordpess CMS system to run this site.

Why are you in Geology program in University if you like Computer Science so much?

I am aware of my talents in Computer Science. By studying Geology I can add another subject to my skill set. That’s why I am in Geology program. Once I complete my undergraduate degree, I may pursuit a second degree in Computer Science or I may take up on a Masters with specialization in both Geology and Computer Science. There is a growing need for Geoscientists who are also above average computer experts (GIS, well logs, tsunami predication software, etc). I am hoping I can capitalized on that niche market.

Where are your servers located?

In the basement of my parents house in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have physical access to the server and you can read about it at here. Update: The site was moved to a hosting service on 22-May-2012.

Why do you need a website?

I don’t need a website, rather I want a website. This is my hobby and I explained well why I love computer technology and software engineering here. I know there are millions of websites out there with similar or same type of materials. Since I love to help others, I believe having access to too much information never hurts.

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