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In 2003 there were over million websites on the Internet and this site is just one of them created by Sanuja Senanayake as a hobby project. Since the launched, has evolved from a basic HTML web project to a CMS (web Content Management System) driven database powerhouse. Currently, the site is used for several purposes to serve visitors from a diverse range of backgrounds.


Like anything in nature, the purpose of this site is always evolving to into new targets. Currently the site is used as a public platform for articles and support resources written by Sanuja Senanayake. There are two main goals; improve writing my skills by publishing my written materials to a wider audience through the blog section and to help others succeed in the Science program at University of Calgary.

You will find blog articles on almost every topic on this site. While I may post materials on some social issues, I will limit political and religious materials as much as I can because I think they are better suited for special interest websites. If you find any language errors, please send me a message, so I can learn from my mistakes.

Under Resources category, I have posted several practice exams and quizzes. As my degree in Geology progress, this will get developed as a database for references and study materials. The site also has a math and science documents repository for authorized users which includes valuable course materials.

On the back-end of this website is used for web based applications and custom Java, PHP, MySQL, SQL, Python and CMS scripts. I guess I could say “this is where my hobby of developing websites and helping others meet”.

You can read the history of my network and server system on here. If you would like to keep in touch with any new development of my projects, you are welcome to read the blog.


I am not the only one who is behind the information posted on this site. While I am the primary caregiver, there are many people who helped raised this child. During the development of educational tools, I have used the wisdom, knowledge and experience of several professors and support staff at the University of Calgary. Additionally I have received the support of my friends and classmates whom in numerous occasions voluntarily offered materials to this site.


Names are in alphabetical order. Some individuals may be missing either due to a mistake or due to a request to not to publish.

Professors and Instructors

Thank you for providing excellent class notes and other support materials. Even though these instructors did not directly contributed materials, the classes taught by them helped build several areas of this website. My sincere gratitude goes to all the instructors and support staff at the University of Calgary.


Alex Meleshko, Luis Alfonsi, Cassie Vocke, Dylan Riley, Felicia MacMurchy, Garang Riak, Gurpreet Multani, Jenna Sie, Justin Woo, Kamil Sameer, Kathleen Nester, Michelle Baumgartner, Nadia Shaikh, Pulkit Sabharwal, Shawn Sun and numerous others.

A Brief History

-Sanuja Senanayake started programing in 2000 at Gateway International School of Computing.

-Sanuja moved to Calgary, Alberta in 2003 and wrote his first programming code in Java and DHTML for his Junior High School Computer Science project.

-In 2003, the “prototype” of was launched using a free hosting service, geocities provided by Yahoo Inc.

-In late 2003-early 2004 the site was moved to Shaw Cablesystems Calgary customer webspace.

-On 11-June-2006 domain was registered and the hosting files were moved to a privately owned home based web server (provided by a personal friend, LADA).

-From 2011 to 21st 2012 the site was hosted on a home based small business server in the basement of Sanuja’s house.

-On 22nd May 2012 the site was moved to a professional hosting provider for greater reliability, up-time and faster loading speeds. (sad day)

Due to complexity of home based severs the site was launched in 2003 has often jumped back and forth between being online and offline. With the new hosting provider, I am hoping to keep the site online 27/7 and 365 per year.

Why ?

This is the most common question I get from some of my friends. Why do I need a high end server? Why do I need all of these equipments at the first place? The answer to that question is no, I don’t need them, but I want them. Like some people like to collect stamps, my hobby is to collect servers and develop them with skills I acquire from self learning. This is my hobby and I intend to have a server cluster for as long as I can afford. I DO NOT earn money off of any of my servers nor will I ever. Those of you who roll your eyes and say this is stupid, look at your collection of power tools, or your nice car or how much money you wasted on alcohol. How come that’s not stupid?

Future expansion

I have plans for future expansion. Currently I do not have Unix or Linux servers and I am planning to load them on two different computers and load VM Ware on another one in near future. I will also spend more time writing my own scripts and testing them out on all systems.

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I am the website owner of (Résumé). This blog launched as a hobby project and overtime grew into a large scale operation (somewhat). In fact, the server for this site used to be located in the basement of our house. But I decided to moved to a hosting company in May, 2012. The content …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Last update: 04-January-2015

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Home Network and Servers

Home Network and Servers My home network is always evolving. The goal is to improve the system each time I change something such as make the system load data faster or better data backup. I will post updated information whenever I change something. This website is hosted on the HTTP server installed on Server I. …

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Résumé (Curriculum Vitae)

SANUJA SENANAYAKE BSc, GeologyGeoscientist in Traning – GIT/MIT (APEGA) Calgary, Alberta, Canada Telephone: will provide upon request Email: admin at sanuja dot net Web:, EDUCATION 2016 University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta Bachelor of Science in Geology Concentration in Petroleum Geology Geoscience: two 200-level General Geology; 300 level Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Structure, Stratigraphy and Sedimentation; …

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Copyright © 2003 – 2017 by Sanuja SenanayakeCalgary, Alberta, Canada Summery The information in this web publication site (and its subsidiary sites) is the property of the Sanuja Senanayake(“the site administrator”) , Calgary, Alberta, Canada . The site administrator retain all rights regarding its content. No part of this web publication may be reproduced, stored …

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No guarantee on on the accuracy, updates or logical flow of the site map. The XML version of the site map can be found here. Both site maps are automatically generated by the server.

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