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1. This Copyright Notice governs your use of the Sanuja Senanayake’s Website (“this site/the site”) at the, and and its associated services, which are owned and operated by Sanuja Senanayake (“site administrator”). Your use of Sanuja Senanayake’s Website constitutes your binding acceptance of the terms and conditions provided here. If at any time the terms and conditions of this Copyright Notice no longer acceptable to you, you should immediately cease use of the web site where this site is located.

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5. Not all materials are copyrighted to the site administrator. Materials obtained through third parties have their own respective copyright policy.

Privacy Policy

Please note that most, if not all, web sites, database and other network systems collect data on user behaviour and this is consider to be a normal operation of this web site. The log files and sensitive data will be stored on the native web server in a secure location. It is your responsibility to manage the privacy of downloaded files, cookies and/or beacons from this site to your computer(“client computer”). The site administrator is not liable for any privacy breach caused by the client computer.

1. The server collects and logs internet protocol (IP) addresses, domain/host information, date/time a specific page has been requested, referring page address, type of browser and opened links on site from the visiting user for the sole purpose of analyzing treads and traffic flow to this site. This information will be used to assess and improve the performance of the server and to fix any technical issues on the backend of this site. The demographic information obtained through the IP addresses will be used to monitor data flow to specific regions of the world. This limited information on indentifying the user activities is not pass down to any third party. However, the information may be disclosed to law enforcement under the US, Canadian or other democratically enforced laws. The data log will be deleted from the server on yearly basis, but the site administrator does not provide a guarantee that the log files will be deleted at anytime.

2. The main site(all parts of the site other than Worpress blog files at /blog/) do not use cookies or beacons. The blog database at /blog will use some cookies and the site administrator does not read the cookies. The Wordpres system will use the data along with the server provided IP addresses to load data faster and to provide user friendly service to the visitors by maintaining the appearance of the blog site.

3. The contact form data is stored on the server in a secure folder. However, the data transmission is not secure. Therefore, please do not submit any sensitive personal information using the site contact form. The site administrator takes no responsibility for any data breach as a result of contact form usage.

4. This site has Google Ads, Google Custom Search and reCAPTCHA Anti-bot Service, where a third party Google privacy policy is in effect and the site administer has no control over data collected by the Google Inc. The Facebook plug ins privacy is controlled by Facebook Inc. Some items a user post will be visible to the general public and this site has clear warning posted on those items(eg. Contact page). Please review their privacy policy for more information. The following links are provided as a curtsey and may or may not be applicable to site.
* Privacy Policy for Google Ads and Advertising Services
* reCAPTCHA Anti-bot Service
* Google Inc
* Facebook Plugins

5. Many other reputed thrid party companies may be used to improve user experiance on this site. The third party server usually collect data similar to what this server logs collects and may be even more detail information is collected at their end. The site administrator has no control what so ever on such data will not be liable for any issues arise as a result of usages by these third party.

6. SANUJA.COM sends regular e-mails to registered members regarding specific activities, which includes but not limited to, monthly site updates, exams database updates and topic specific updates. The email lists are never shared with or sold to third parties. To opt-out of this mailing option will disable your email address from SANUJA.COM, although I may still contact you via email regarding any issues concerning your enrollment. Every reasonable effort is made to ensure to keep the number of emails per month to a minimum. In certain situation, you may still receive more than one email per month. Those who subscribed to the exams database should expect more than one email per month during the school seasons.

Terms of Use

Accountability and Data Accuracy Policy

The site administer does not guarantee the information or materials posted on this website or related sites are accurate. However The site administer is working hard to keep the information as accurate as possible. If you find an error, please contact site administer to fix the issue.

The site administer was informed that Google Translate system sometimes translates information on this site with either no meaning or with grammar errors in the translated sentences. Google is doing their best to provide a good translation service for free. Please note that the site administer is not responsible for any translated messages that may offend some visitor to this site.

As stated under Section 1 of Copyright Notice, the use of this site constitutes your binding acceptance of the terms and conditions provided on this page.

User Generated Feedback

All public and private comments, complaints and suggestions must be on topic and civil. If a public comment is offensive to any indefinable person or a group, it will be edited or deleted from the site. The site administrator reserve the right to edit, delete and/or ignore any form of feedback without providing a proper justification for the action. Any illegal comment under the Canadian law will be reported to proper authorities. Once a feedback is submitted, it is a property of and will not be deleted from server databases without a court order. The deletion process of user generated data are done at the personal discretion of Sanuja Senanayake.

The site does not use a secure connection to the server. The user data is not encrypted and all communications including private messages are not considered as secured. The administrator, Sanuja Senanayake cannot be held liable for any issue arise out of user generated data.

Secure Authenticated Access

The server keeps detailed record of activities by each user of the secure areas of this site. By using this service, you agree to terms and conditions outlined here.

1. Any information and/or communication under the protected area is also fall under the general Site Copyright Notice, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, the data within the secure area has added restrictions.

2. Your username and password is provided as it is by the site administrator and your user account is a property of this site.

3. The site administrator reserve the right to modify or delete your account at anytime without providing you a reasonable cause. In an event of a termination, there will be no effort made to inform you by any means.

4. You may not share your password and username with others under any given circumstances without without the prior written permission and/or electronically authenticated document given it was transmitted using the mail system hosted at, sanuja dot net ( and originated from junk at sanuja dot net.

5. You may not download any materials from the secure area and redistribute it to others, regardless the “others” includes authenticated members of this site.


Not all materials including, but not limited to, texts, programming scripts and images are copyrighted to the site administrator. If you find any material belongs to you(“user/your”) and you want to claim copyright or if you have any issue with how the citation(s) and reference(s) to one of your ideas, documents, comments or any other digital media posted on this site, please contact the site administrator via email, junk at sanuja dot net.

Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of this website is accessed at your own discretion and risk. You will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the download of any such material.

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