Canadian Citizenship Test

This Canadian Citizenship Test (Exam) Questions and Answers are created for practice only. There is no time limit on this practice citizenship test. However, during the government exam, you will be required to complete it in a set time interval. If you find the English language which this practice Canadian citizenship test is written to be difficult to understand, I would highly recommend that you take an English course before applying for citizenship. Good luck on your citizenship test!

Canadian Citizenship Test

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Credits: Based on the Discover Canada, The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship 2012 Edition. ISBN 978-1-100-20116-0. No guarantee is provided for the accuracy and validity of information. | Report an Error

Concepts and Additional Questions

-Who is the current Prime Minister of Canada?
-Who is the Premier of the province of YOUR residence?
-What is the current population of Canada?
-What is the current Federal political party in power?
-What is the major Federal opposition party in power?
-What is the current Provincial Premier in YOUR province?
-How many MLAs are in YOUR provincial legislature?
-What is your electoral district?
-What is the major driving industry of YOUR provincial economy? (eg. Alberta=oil/gas, Ontario=manufacturing, etc)

FAQ about the Citizenship Test

Q: Who can apply for Canadian Citizenship?

There are two groups of people; the most common type would be landed immigrants (Permanent Residence) who lived in Canada for more than 3 years. The other group is children of Canadian parents who were born out side of Canada or adapted children from outside the country. In both cases you must be 18 years of age or older to qualify. If not your parent/guardian has to apply on your behalf. More info at: CIC

Q: How long is the exam and how many questions will be there?

Exam is 30 minutes long and there will be 20 multiple choice questions.

Q: How many questions I have to get right to pass the test?

You must get 15 questions out of 20 including all the questions on voting rights and election procedures. These special questions will be clearly marked on the test paper.

Q: Do I have to write the exam?

Unless otherwise there is a medical reason, all persons applying for citizenship over the age of 18 must write the exam. If you turn 18 during the process of your citizenship application, you will still be asked to take the exam.

Q: Can I fail the exam and if I can what will happen?

If you fail the exam, there will be an oral interview about 30 minutes long with the judge. The judge will decide if you have the language and knowledge to be a productive citizen. If you failed to satisfy the judge, you can make an appeal to the Federal Court to retake the exam.

Q: Can I write the exam on a different date than the date given by the government?

Yes you can. Call the CIC office and provide your reason for the change.

Q: Where can I find more information?

More information can be found at: Citizenship and Immigration Canada

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