Sedimentary Petrology Media Library

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Sedimentery Petrology

Cements on substrates


Prismatic (4x) ~ 3500 um across

Pour-filling Cements

Syntaxial Overgrowth

Cement: Syntaxial Overgrowth (4x) ~ 5000 um F.V. ppl Cement: Syntaxial Overgrowth (10x) ~ 1600 um F.V. ppl


The image shows morphological structures (as opposed to micro-structures). Scale: ~900 μm across.

Fusulinid at 10x (~900 um across)

Green Algae

Dasycladacean Green Algae

Scale: ~1000 μm across the middle Dasycladacean.

Dasycladacean Green Algae (4x) ~ 1000 um


Few different cortices can be observed in the image.

Centered Ooid at 10x (~420 um across)

Pitted Peloids

Can be classify as a lump of pitted peloids as opposed to grapestones. Scale: ~1200 μm across.

Pitted Peloids XPL at 10x (~1200 um)


Pisolite is a rock made of Pisoids

Prismatic Microstructures

Homogeneous Prismatic

Homogeneous Prismatic microstructure identifier; weeping extinction across the shell fragment. Scale: ~1300 μm across.

Molluscs; Bivalve at 4x (~1300 um across)

Scleractinian coral

Scleractinian Coral (4x) ~ 3000 um across

Sponge Spicules

Width the center (*) Sponge Spicule: ~250 μm


Bulbus Stromatolites

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