Documentary: 1000 Ways to Die

This is a documentary review…

Title: 1000 Ways to Die
Directed by: Tom McMahon
Original channel: Spike
Type: TV Series
Country: USA
Year: 2008 – current
Website: web | wiki

Opinion: Well this is very entreating because this is a docudrama rather than just a documentary. While some docudramas targeted towards educated middle class, this seems to be targeted towards an under educated society. Why you ask? The narrator is cheesy and the narration and the acting itself has been over exaggerated. Almost all the time, the victim is depicted as a bad person, but in reality this may not be the case. Not only the topic is not a very strong one, but also the whole series has very little to no educational value.

Key points:
-Great entertainment series. If you looking for a fun documentary, this is a good one to watch.
-Spike is a lifestyle channel so this program is aimed for a specific audience.
-Have very little to no educational value. Rather artistic than scientific or educational.