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Thank you Google for all the free stuff

When I first started working with HTML, one problem I run in to was in order to create a great user experience I had to import scripts from several different third party service providers. For example, the site visitor data was kept by a one company and the contact form from another. The problem is that these companies that provide such services are asking too much in return from web developers. Not only they forcefully post pop-up ads and other useless materials, but also referral URLs to back to their sites are often open in the same window causing the visitor to exit the site itself. I managed to avoid some of these issues by loading PHP, SQL and Java databases to the server and facilitating packages such as WordPress. For items such as Contact forms now I use my own PHP script that save data on my own server. For visitor logging I created the ip log file code, but it is time consuming to go over millions of IP addresses to analyzing treads and traffic flow to this site. Continue reading Thank you Google for all the free stuff

The philosophical side of me

I am depressed on my performance in Faculty of Science courses required for my degree program for over two years now. What is exactly happiness? First I thought happiness has to do with how much “stuff” I have in my position such as my servers, my computers, the network I have, the brand Blackberry Bold 9900, etc. Then I changed my mind and thought that may be education is the key to my happiness, where I can be very successful in life with financial and social stability that comes with a Continue reading The philosophical side of me

Beware of good friends, where no one speaks!

There is a huge scam going on where victims are often middle class to upper class individuals or families, where that one good, if not, the perfect friend ruin your family’s finances. This is a well known scam for years, but it become a very popular tool for many in this hard economic times. What gets me is that most of these criminals are well educated!

Let’s get to the point so that you are aware of the scam before its too late. There are a lots of ways to become a victim of fraud by your close friends. The following example is just one of them:

  • Friend(s) or even a family member(s) become very close to you.
  • They earn your trust using;
      their educational background, specially if you are in South Asian or Chinese community
      by spending money on items to impress you or your family
      by building good friendships with other family members of you
  • Propose a great scheme usually involving stock market shares, real estate or business ventures.
    • your personal assets will be a target
  • Because they already gain your trust, they will ask your to join them/him/her with their scheme where legally you become a partner of the shares, house or company.
  • If it is a house, they will remortgage the house and Continue reading Beware of good friends, where no one speaks!
  • Bullying should be treated as a hate crime

    This is why bullying should be treated as a hate crime NOT as a miscarriage of justice! Bring on the laws… don’t just suspend the bully from school, send their parents to jail! Most of the time it is NOT the kids fault, it is the parent’s fault. If the parent of a bully defend her/his son/daughter, give them a 1 year jail time or $5000 or up charge. Period! H. D. Cartwright Junior High School (Calgary) parents also should STEP down from their bullshit moral high grounds and kick those parents who refuse to take responsibility for their bully kid! Continue reading Bullying should be treated as a hate crime