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Mar 02 2013

Turning valid science into pseudoscience

The term “science” is referring to concepts, principles and theories that sprung out of logic. The logic adhere (at least it should be) to scientific method, which is a set of rules that standardize how data is collected and analyzed. The standardization of methods supposed to

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Jan 03 2013

Controversial Geological history of Earth

According to both Geologists and Historians, the world is old. However, the concept of “old” is merely in the eyes of the beholder because

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Dec 25 2012

Herd behavior of consumer driven society

Heard behavior or mob effect is generally associated with riots. But it has a significant impact on economics ever since we started trading goods and services. I am not going to talk about

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Nov 30 2012

Society should stand against cyber bullying

I have encountered bullies few different times and often it involves “friends” from school. The impact it had on my personality was very little to none because my parents have thought me to defend myself by improving my self-confidence. In this technologically driven communication age, the problem of cyber bullying goes much deeper than conventional …

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Aug 09 2012

Support sportsmanship; not the country or the team

The 2012 London Summer Olympic is probably the only Olympic games that I watched met with so many controversial issues from qualifications to post games. When racial and ethnic issues came out in the media, first I thought that I am too sensitive “it” causing my mind to focus on negative aspects of the games. …

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