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Nov 18 2011

Update on my servers

Fist of all OMG! My marks for exams roll out and I did some what poor… However, it is possible to pull up a good grade if I study well for the final. Anyway, I am still working on rather upgrading and updating my servers. I am looking in to buying another server specifically for …

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Nov 08 2011

RAID cannot be trusted for safe data storage

Many people think that RAID configuration can protect their data for sure. This is not the case because even RAID 1 have its own problems. The most common problem that many server operators face is that after a drive fail, the rebuilding process take the other functional hard drives to the maximum limits sometimes causing …

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Nov 02 2011

Server RAID rebuilt…

This is actually the continuation my previous update on the server. As I noted in that previous post setting up a RAID 5 with six 146 GB drives and two 72 GB drives was very stupid. But I never explained why this is a stupid idea on my first post. Today we will look at the best way to …

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Oct 31 2011

I had to rebuild the software side due to an error in judgement

Yesterday I had to rebuild my entire server because I made an error in how I created the RIAD system. When I initially setup the server, I placed all my 146 GB and 76 GB units of harddrives in one RAID 5 cause a huge loss of data space. When you add different sizes of …

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