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Mar 02 2013

Updated Geologic Time Scale

The following information is published for fun and NOT for any scientific value. Please do not take any information on this page as a fact or a hypothesis. This page is created base on some funny ideas going around in Geology. Quaternary glaciation (last ice age): resulted in Sid, Diego and their friends Zeke, Carl …

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Feb 23 2013

Basic construction of a Mohr Circle

All Engineering and Geology students should be able to understand and construct of Mohr Circles or Mohr diagrams by hand. Most companies use computer software to draw Mohr circles. However, it is important as a scientist for you to be able to do them manually. Indeed manual drawings are very useful in field work environments …

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Feb 20 2013

Stereographic projection for structural analysis

The stereographic projection is a methodology used in structural geology and engineering to analyze orientation of lines and planes with respect to each other. The stereonets is a type of standardized mapping system that allows us to represent various angles in 3D space on a 1D paper. They are used for analysis of various field …

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Jan 03 2013

Controversial Geological history of Earth

According to both Geologists and Historians, the world is old. However, the concept of “old” is merely in the eyes of the beholder because

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Nov 02 2012

Samples for Lab Final GLGY381

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