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Dec 13 2012

Command Prompt (CMD) tricks you should know

ping in CMD

In this graphical computer age, you don’t have to know how to use Windows DOS Commands. Almost everything can be down through interactive graphical interface on Windows. Even on several Linux based operating systems,

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Nov 13 2012

How to setup auto update for Bginfo.exe

The bginfo is an “unofficial” program published by Microsoft that will display basic information about the Windows workstation or server on background image. It is somewhat unofficial because Microsoft does not promote the program as official software. So why do you care

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Nov 02 2012

How to upgrade or replace RAM on your computer

For an average user who knows nothing about electronics technology, a simple RAM (Random Access Memory) upgrade can be a complicated task. The reality is even for a tech savvy person like myself find it difficult to find spare RAM modules and specific instructions for installation. Key points… Do you have physical access to the …

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Aug 19 2012

Problems with Network Attached Storage Enclosure

A lot of people who like tech gadgets choose storage enclosures over plug-and-play NAS(Network Attached Storage) units because they comes with additional hardware customization options. Unfortunately I found that these “benefits’” outweigh the network administration and maintenance nightmares.

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Aug 15 2012

Keep your website fast, secure and robust

There are several reasons why some visitors to your website would leave so soon. Not having a clear introduction on what the site is about, the improper sitemap and/or link structure and incorrect use of language are very common on personal blog sites. The most common problem that almost all websites is the loading time. …

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