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May 02 2013

Whose fault is that?

No, I am not going to finger point. This is about Geological faults and not about your faults. Joke aside, the different types of fault anatomies are very impotent for understanding the nature of the fault, it’s history and the even the future. The Structural Geology is one of the branches in Geoscience in which …

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May 01 2013

Equations for Geologists and Engineers

There are many different formulas we use in Geology, Engineer, Science and Math. However, over the years, I found the following equations to be the most useful ones for high school and undergraduate Geology and Geological Engineering Students. Atomic and Quantum Mechanics Kinematics and Dynamics Energy and Momentum Electric and Magnetic Waves and Light Mohr’s …

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Apr 21 2013

Geometry of Folds

Rocks undergo deformation as a response to regional differential stress. There are two major types of deformations: ductile and brittle. Under differential compressional stress, formations that are brittle will undergo faulting; usually normal faults while formations that are ductile will most likely undergo folding. Often we observed combination of both ductile and brittle deformation in …

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Apr 15 2013

Fault Displacement Vectors

Data Collected From the Map Only one strike lines is drawn on the Figure 1 for the fault

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Apr 15 2013

Types of Ore Deposits

Notes: Not all ore deposits will contain secondary minerals. The epigenetic (different times) and syngenetic (at the same time) is based on the time frame for the formation of the host rock and the ore. Some ores cab be classified as both syngenetic and epigenetic. Placer Deposit Syngenetic Primary: Gold Secondary: Platinum, Uranium, Silver, diamonds …

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