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Nov 01 2013

Interference Figures

Introduction Interference figures or some text may refer to as optical figures are used by mineralogists and other scientists to describe optical properties of crystals. In Geology, optical properties of naturally occurring crystals are used to identify and classify minerals. In addition some companies are interested in manufacturing economically valuable minerals such as synthetic diamonds …

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Oct 13 2013

Evolutionary Family Trees in Paleobiology

Here are some family trees for Paleobiology University of Calgary laboratory samples. Based on class notes, lab notes, lab manual and my work notes. Refresh page if the current version does not appear immediately! Also check out this HTML digital version with images at Paleobiological Hierarchy Kingdom Animalia Current version: 1.5 PDF file can be …

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Sep 27 2013


The information get updated on this page at rapid intervals. No guarantee is given on the accuracy of the published data. SILICOFLAGELLATES Hard parts: Skeleton Composition: Opaline silica Morphology: Apical & basal rings, Spines and bars, Rods are hollow Symmetry: Bilateral Habitat: Planktic Stratigraphic range: L. Cretaceous – Holocene Sediments: Silicoflagellithite Movement: Passive (plankton) Notes: …

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Sep 19 2013

Mineralogy Media Library

Index:   B   |   C   |   E   |   F   |   G   |   H   |   K   |   M   |   O   |   P   |   Q   |   S   |   T   |   Z …

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Aug 02 2013

Classification of Fossils

Warning: This page is still being updated. Current material may be incomplete. Introduction We used specific scientific words to describe morphological features and other of organisms. Both the fossils and trace fossils can be analyzed in several different criteria. Special thanks goes to Kathleen Nester from the University of Calgary for helping me understand the …

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