Systematic discrimination in disguise

After I wrote this article on January 6, 2012, I decided to not publish this article in fear of personal attack on me from the general public. Attacks against my opinion itself is a strong indication of how so called Canadian democracy loving peaceful society works. However, after seeing so many issues in Canada, I decided someone has to speak up knowing there will be a backslash against the nature of this article. The root reason for this article is that most of my friends believe there should not be any negative consequences for Canadian and US military services killing civilians while if it is committed by Indian or Sri Lankan army there should be punishment against those countries. This double standards came out of the subconscious racism seed within the European communities and their non-European supporters. Please take note that this article will test the democratic values and freedom of speech in Canada. Therefore if you are unconformable with reality, feel free to leave the site or voice your opinions by posting a comment.

Like many other European/Western countries, Canada is famous for speaking out for human rights at international levels. This is reinforced by ever increasing number of organizations and special interest groups. The issue is that this increase pressure on our governments to promote human rights outside shifts the focus from human rights abuses in our own backyard.

The background information for this controversial article is coming from my own personal experience as a resident of Canada over last 9 years. I have endured and observed numerous encounters with not only racial, religious discrimination against myself, but also ethnic, social and cultural discrimination against my Canadian friends.

Starting from when I first arrived in Canada in 2002, I noticed that my junior high school teachers worked really hard to keep issues to a minimum. The first time I felt that there is something wrong in Calgary, Alberta, Canada was when my Grade 9 science teacher started his very first class with a handout on discrimination sand stereotypes. At that time I was the ONLY student in H. D. Cartwright Junior High School(HDC) Grade 9 science class who wasn’t belong to White Caucasian ethnic group. I remember at one point several students in the Grade 9 science class question the teacher why he distributed two pages outlining stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination in a science class that has nothing to do with such subject matter. The response was something along the line of “because I say so”. I didn’t realized that something is going on at that time but when I look back at the behaviors of teaching staff in 2002 in HDC now it is apparent that these good teachers were working hard to prevent any social injustice presence in the Canadian society by educating the students around me. I believe that teachers had good intentions but this is a really good example of how Canada try to hide our own problems while preaching to others!

Issues within Canada is far beyond what most people assume because the media is going such a great job at covering up while the government is using the wealth to promote only the good side of Canadians. The federal, provincial and municipal governments has spent a large potion of tax to promote ideologies such as “multiculturalism” while their own government institutions carried out racial and cultural discrimination. In 2010 one of my White Canadian friends from Newfoundland told me in an interview for a position in the federal government, the lead of the interview team told him, “oh you are a Newfie”, which is a discriminatory remark. Even though he has reported it to the government, since he has no solid proof, no action were taken and he never received the job position. This is an everyday problem for most workers in Canada; finding proof of human rights violations.

Recently in November/December, 2011 Canadian Natives solicited United Nation for help to solve several large scale systematic human rights issues which appear to be perpetrated by the federal government of Canada itself. The response from the Canadian government to the UN was that the UN should not interfere with the internal affairs of the sovereign nation. This is the SAME country that preach moral high grounds to other countries and interfere with the internal affairs of Sri Lanka, India, Afghanistan and others.

In University of XXXXXXX, I found when classes are full and there is no waiting list, more students can be added at the discretion of the professors. The key here is at the discretion of the professors and University of XXXXXXX operates as a private institutions with their own laws and regulations that sometimes violates Canada’s own human rights regulations. When I requested a professor to enroll me in a full class in Fall 2011, he said no, but AFTER I left two my friends went and asked and both were enrolled in to the program even though the class is still full. When I went back and complain why, they said who are these people and what is my proof. The reason behind is university is want to attack both of my friends who told me these inside jobs that go against ethics at the first place. I felt this has to do with race but I had no solid proof. After complaining even to the Dean of Science, on one, not even the Student Union speaks out of the fear of counter attacks from the university! Recently university forcefully kicked out several students for speaking out against their faculty. Later the student won a legal court case against the University of XXXXXXX under the Canadian freedom of speech laws. The ONLY reason why they won against the university was the students were belongs to affluent well to do families in the community.

In most work places in Canada, some advancements in job positions and salaries were granted based on race, gender, ethnic background or religious views. This includes both public institutions as well as publicly traded companies. However, it is hard to find solid evidence for any legal action because the systematic nature of the crime. Even citizens with good intentions cannot help because the work environment provide very little room for workers right in Canada at the first place.

In the American and Canadian media when an act of violence is carried out by a religious group other than Christian, it is quickly noted that the group is Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, terrorists. But when the unrest was caused by a Christian group, it is noted in the media as religious extremist, religious terrorists with NO reference to Christianity what so ever. Example of this would be docudrama created by New Dominion Pictures called FBI Files where when a Christian group commit a crime, it is called “a religious terrorist organization” and when an Islamic group do it, it is labeled as “Islamic terrorists”.

The worst part of this home grown human rights issues is that most people in the general public(especially immigrants) refuse to admit that there is a problem in Canada due to either lack of knowledge, misinformation, fear of backslash or simply due to denial. The massive campaigns by all three levels of governments in Canada have also limited the human rights discussions in Canada. Most of my friends refuse to believe that the racial and religious/ethnic discrimination increased in Canada with the decline of our economy even though the statistics data prove otherwise. When an incident that MAY related to racism or ethnic discrimination was brought forward, MOST people in Canada quickly dismiss the issue and accuse the victim of being misinformed. This is why when I post incriminating articles like this, I get a huge backslash from the Canadian community. I have been threaten by “good Canadians” for speaking against discrimination in Canada.

I called these types of discrimination as systematic discrimination because the society is systematically forcing the victims to take what THEY decide best for you. If you find racism and you have no solid proof, you have to just ignore it or there will be a backslash from the Canadian society for speaking out. Canadians like Indian cab drives, but most cannot stand Indian CEOs or large companies like Rogers. Canadians like Black police officers, but not Black engineers. When you finish reading this article, I don’t want you to have the wrong impression that all White Canadians are happy. In fact, the most advantage group in Canada are White females and young White males are at the bottom with the ethnic and religious minorities. For example, just look at the divorce and child custody.

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others. When we have human rights issues in Canada, we should not try to preach moral high ground to similar human rights issues in other countries. Even several so called “Human Rights groups” admitted they pick their battle and ignore others. Next time Canada try to teach human right in your backyard, question the credibility of Canada’s own society. Too bad there are many organizations to point fingers at other countries in Canada while we are silent on issue in our own land. If you don’t see a problem in killing captured Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, you should not see a problem in killing captured terrorists by Indian and Sri Lankan military forces. Read on the web how US and EU is doing their best to punish Sri Lanka for not supporting the white master race.