Website migration and future of the site

Last week was super busy because I got the flu on top of exams and papers as usual. Each year around February to March I get the seasonal flu. I also had to write the Geochemistry midterm II, which is crucial for my success in the geology program. In the midst of my anxiety over the exams and the upcoming draft paper on the analysis paper for the Science 311, I decided to migrate all my data, exception to the Science site, from general PHP database with no CMS (Content Management System) to completely WordPress(WP) based system. I didn’t have to do much other than copying and pasting the data from old files since WP module has been installed and running on my server for the last few months. The old pages are still slowly being phased out. I will keep the old pages until Google decided to take them down from their indexed pages. With this migration, as the site admin my work load has been cut down significantly. The process of adding new information, pages, data, media, modifying existing data, layout, etc is much easier and faster with WP CMS. Since I am still working my degree, I may not update the site often, but I will do my best to come up with new information for the readers.

When you have a website, you have to add new content to make sure the reader is entertained. Remember when I first started web development? I used to have a lot of articles on Buddhism and science. Now I have grown out of that stage and the future of this site will have to endure new adventures. This round I decided to combine my two hobbies, server/web development and documentaries in to one. I will post some new editorials with documentaries that I enjoyed watching. I do not trust in media including documentaries and new media, but I will review them as impartially as possible. I will still continue to publish spicy controversial posts, but I think this new addition will improve the over all quality of the site.

Stay tune for upcoming articles!