Shut Up or Get Out

I am proud to live as a free thinker who sees things as it is rather than a slave who follow the popular opinion

The society is dynamic. To some people, it can be difficult to adapt to evolving nature of our social norms. I must admit that I am one of those people. Thankfully I realized that I am not the only one who rather stand up for what is right over enslaving to popular opinion.

if you don’t like Canada, why don’t leave Canada?

Yes, it is normal to be unfair

Hypocrisy is the corner stone of most societies. From East to West, from ancient to modern and from very successful to failed civilizations have one thing in common; dynamic nature. No civilization is perfect. No community is a united community. While to the outsiders, a society like the Canadian society look perfect, it is impossible to achieve a perfect society. After all, how do you define what is right and what is wrong? How do you determine who is successful and who is not? Who is responsible for keeping scores and what would be the criteria for scoring high oh the moral/ethical high ground scale?

Personally, I believe no one is perfect, including myself. Like is unfair and it is supposed to be like that. What annoys me is that the media controlled by few (less than 10% of the world human population), mislead the public to paint a very bias picture for some benefactors. During 2012 to 2013, I monitored how some popular opinions in Canada (specifically in Calgary) shaped by the media. In October 2013, the Western media started a bullying campaign against Russia ahead of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. The hypocrisy is that the Western block is working hard to influence domestic politics in Russia using the Olympics as a weapon. What most media failed to point out, if the sample principles of criticism for Russia is used on Canada with respect to “police state” style G20 preparation and subsequent human rights abuses by the Canadian police and paramilitary groups, the whole smoke screen will disappear. But the BBC, CNN and other media giants did their best to please their masters by softening any information comes out of Canada. Every bit of information was per-planned and well filtered before released to the public. In fact the news related to human rights abuses by the Canadian officials in 2010 G-20 Toronto summit have NOT being fully broadcasted by the BBC and CNN wold services channels. So the rest of the world population such as India and China would hear the good side of the G20.

oh well, I was never raped… so you must be wrong!

However, now compare the coverage of CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) Summit in Sri Lanka this year. Not only the media has been on the offensive against the Government of Sri Lanka even before the event, but the human rights violators of their own citizens like Mr. Stephen Harper (PM of Canada) refused to participate in the event. Who gave the Harper the right to criticize internal affairs of Sri Lanka? After all, isn’t he the same person who told the media that the G-20 human rights abuses in Canada is an internal affair? It would be nice if it was only the top Government officials who is doing this. As soon as Canada refused to participate in CHOGM, a lot of Canadians, took to social media to show their pride supporting the PM’s decision.

The point is no one is perfect. But pointing figure against people like Adolf Hitler by accusing him of propaganda, when we are also doing exactly the same thing is hypocritical. Canada and it’s people with racist and violent past have been sugarcoating Canadian history for years. In this free speaking and democratic country, no abiding taxpayer is allowed to allow to criticize the popular opinion. One of my favorite quotes from hypocritical Canadians is “if you don’t like Canada, why don’t leave Canada?”. Why should a taxpaying Canadian citizen should be banned from Canada? Why a law-abiding Canadian citizen is not allow to criticize Canada, but the Canadians truly believe that they have the moral high grounds to citizen Sri Lanka? Mr. Harper do not pay taxes to Government of Sri Lanka!

I am not saying that you should not be critical of others. What I am saying is that you should also allow criticism of yourself. Accusing other countries of everything and being very defensive when someone problems in our own backyard is not a healthy solution. It will rather create more divisions in our human population than solving any problems. Yes, there are a lot of human rights abuses in China and Sri Lanka for example. But why not we also focus the light on Canadian Army raping children in Haiti peacekeeping mission? You love to have hypocritical one side of the argument because it only highlight the human rights violations of Chinese, but never the Canadians.

Shut Up or Get Out

as soon as a South Asian walked in to the same department, even the French-Canadians become discriminators rather than the victims

It is fact that Canadians used Chinese slaves to build our railroads. It is a fact that majority of foreign earned degrees were not recognized in Canada after the influx of immigrants turn out to be non-Christian and non-Whites. While the Canadians have used the few successful South Asians as a smoke screen to prove that Canada is truly multicultural, the true colours of Canadians have came out during the economic down turn in 2012. The promotions for South Asian Engineers, except for those who are puppets of the game (people who say, “well I am South Asian too and I never face discrimination…so you must be wrong”), have been halted while more and more even the non-English speaking Canadians of White descendents have been promoted. Irony is that I have proof that the discrimination among European populations disappear as soon as a non-European enters the picture. In one Calgary company the French-Canadians were discriminated for a long period. However, as soon as a South Asian walked in to the same department, even the French-Canadians become discriminators rather than the victims. Funny how Canada funds research into internal political and social issues of Sri Lanka and China, but yet no social research has been funded to prove issues in the Canadian society.

I asked my friends, if they would asked a rape victim to shut-up if they spoke against their predator. The majority said no…. and yet, every time I highlight a simple issue like workplace racial and religious discrimination in Canada, I was told to shut up or get out. I could safely say, “oh well, I was never raped… so you must be wrong!”. Oh ya… the irony and hypocrisy at their best.

Where is the evidence?

problem with publishing evidence is the repercussions

Since the powerful Western governments have spent millions of dollars in proving why Communist Party of China is bad for human race, they also pulled out all the funds for research that damage the utopian society in their backyard. Few of my friends asked me where is the evidence to prove that most South Asian Canadians were racially discriminated. I would like to ask my readers, where is your proof that the Communism is bad? If you are critical of where I obtain data, why I am not allow to be critical of where you obtain your data? Who gave you the right to be critical of China? Do you live there? Work their? I earned the right to be critical of Canada because I pay taxes and and I have contributed to the economic development of this country. What is your excuse to criticize the human rights of Sri Lanka? After all, the Canadian Prime Minister refused to attended the CHOGM 2013 in Sri Lanka based on his opinion on Sri Lanka’s internal affairs! According your logic, the Canadian Senate scandal should be justified to avoid all “Made in Canada” products and boycott anything Canadian. After all, who cares if it is an internal problem or not.

Another problem with publishing evidence is the repercussions. Canada lacks human rights and workers rights regulations to protect the whistleblowers. If I specifically publish the names of the companies on my website, I will be sued and the bad guys always have the ability to hide or alter the evidence to fit their “Canadian values”. Unlike in Capitalist countries like Canada, most Socialist countries including the United Kingdom (EU), have regulations to protect who stand up for what is right. But this bullshit free thinkers of Canada lags far behind when it comes to protecting victims from the criminals. However, I think one reason the empire (EU, Canada and US) is loosing ground in the United Nation on bullies other countries is that it has been increasingly difficult to keep the facts hidden. For example, the immigration to Canada from Asia and Africa increased because Canada created wars in Asia and Africa. It was the weapons companies in US and Canadian Security Intelligence Service that benefited from these wars. Now the Canada is paying the price by allowing immigrants including criminals the right to enter, live and be part of the Canadian society. Stop blaming the messenger and face the consequences of your own actions. By simply stating the obvious, I will make a lot of enemies and even lose friends. But I am proud to live as a free thinker who sees things as it is rather than a slave who follow the popular opinion.

Speak up now, but not before

The reason why I spoke out about issues hidden in Canada is that recently the Canadian Federal Government officials and so called “Human Rights Organizations” have yelled at other people’s face. For what? For what they called, “rights violations”. That’s why finally I decided to speak up. Someone has to take the bullet against hypocrisy.