Science section of the main site was updated

Today I add my geology lab final exam cheat sheet information in the Science section of the main site. Feel free to read it at the Science site. It takes time to update all the area of the website, but I do my best to keep up with it.

Anyway, let’s talk about some interesting things I learned in Mineralogy class…

Did you know that there are minerals that you cannot have together no matter what? For example, it is impossible to have Olivine with Quart together because they are formed in two different opposite conditions, where it is scientifically impossible to form both minerals at same temperature and pressure.

Did you know that no one knows why lava/magma forms? There is not a single scientific explanation to how and why these hot molten rocks forms. In fact, there are many new research projects are underway looking in to reasons for this as we speak.

Did you know that a well trained Geologist should be able to identify all minerals in a rock close to at least 90% or better? This is super awesome from my point of view because I found it is hard to separate even a single mineral from another.

Did you know that opaque itself can be many different types of minerals? I learned that it can be coal, graphite, volcanic glass and several other types of minerals.

Well the reason why most of us are in any university or college program is to get a good job. In Geology, the most economically important minerals are well known among Geo Scientists as ore minerals. These minerals are native copper, graphite, galena, chromite, magnetite and many more. These minerals are either used as it is or purified and separated in to valuable minerals to be used in manufacturing small little pins all the way up to lithium batteries to automobiles to rockets. Without Geologists and Geophysicists, there will be huge problems in our community.

Get to the point, did you know there there is a limited availability of these natural resources? I wonder what will happen when we run out of these. I am pretty sure there will be war for clean drinking water for sure. We already have wars created by USA and the West to control resources like oil, gas and human (yes human resources) anyway.

You can read more scientific side of these minerals (specially on identifying them) in my science section of the main site. Let me know if you have any comments on any of my publications.

All the best and I am off to bed! I have two final exams to write next two weeks.