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Best Articles

I complied the following list based on what I think is the most useful and comprehensive Earth Science articles on this site. It is not a complete list of every article on Earth Science. The list does not include Quizzes and Exams posted under Exams & Resources.

Information Charts

Minerals Reference Chart v 1.5 (Use with caution; may not be accurate)
Mineral Identification Chart v 2.0
Mineral Identification Chart v 2.7 (Best one for optical mineralogy)
Mineral Identification Chart v 3.7 (Best one for metamorphic petrology)

Minerals and Rocks

Photomicrographs of Minerals
Rocks through a lens
Minerals and rocks from GLGY311 Lab
Petrology Media Library (Igneous and Metamorphic)
Sedimentary Petrology Media Library
Mineralogy Media Library (GLGY443 Lab)
Silicate Mineral Structures – Visualization
Interference Figures
Naming Rocks (Classification)
Thin Section Sketches

Structural Geology

Right Hand Rule in Geology
Geometry of Folds
Fault Displacement Vectors
How to use a Brunton Compass
Improving spatial visualization skills
Basic construction of a Mohr Circle
Stereographic projection for structural analysis
Stress and Failure Envelope Analysis


Paleobiological Hierarchy
Evolutionary Family Trees in Paleobiology


Stratigraphy and Sedimentation Lab Samples
How to read Geological Maps
Few tips for new Geoscience students
Geologist’s field checklist

Last updated: 10-May-2016

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