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Web Design Portfolio

Some of the few web development projects I have been involved with over the last few years. Please note that some of these websites like the SWC site and SLBSC/EBC site have been updated. Click on the image to view the original version of the site. Please read the Services page for more information.

University of Calgary

I have been involved with several small scale Drupal based website development projects at the University of Calgary. I have worked with Dr. Charles Henderson, Dr. Marius (Dan) Georgescu, Dr. Benoit Beauchamp and several others. Please contact me for further information.

Rundle Group of Geology Students’ Union

Rundle Group 2014-15

Insight Engineering Services

Insight Eng. CGY

BBC Plastering and Stucco Ltd.

BBC Stucco

Advanced Interior Systems Inc, Calgary

Advanced Interior Systems Inc

Sir Winston Churchill High School, Calgary

SWC High School

SLBS/EBC Calgary


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