Perseverance for successful life

Have you ever heard “the grass is always greener on the other side”? It is a good phrase to describe the never ending desire for a better life. There is nothing wrong with chasing a dreams(goals). But it is wrong to give up on them. I am not saying that you should follow whatever the dream you come up with because these dreams has to be reasonable. You should be able to evaluate what can be done and your ability to do it and set goals accordingly. This chasing of dreams and “never give up” attitude is known as perseverance.

Most people, with the increase competition in our social life, are disappointed even when a positive event take place. For example, you get a 50% on an exam and you decided to rewrite it because you are unhappy about the outcome. This time you get 90% and you knew how to answer all the questions, but you ran out of time. Now you are sad not about the test score, but rather the fact that you didn’t get enough time to write it. What went wrong here? Why aren’t you happy for your achievement? Why are you underestimating your success? Well, you might say the goal is unreasonable. I disagree because scoring a 100% on an exam most likely a reasonable expectation. What went wrong was that you are under estimating your achievements.

When a child who is learning to walk fell, he/she stand up and try to complete the journey. Yet, when a exam goes bad or a relationships don’t work workout people are quick to given which leads to depression and even suicide. So we are born with natural perseverance, but eventually desire to be lazy diminish our potentials. Never give up attitude is very important to success. If one thing fails, another will prevail to open opportunities for success. When our mind get clouded with future goals and social issues, it often leads to loss of interest. “Oh well, I didn’t do the work right this time. I am a failure.” attitude should never be there at the first place. Instead, “I have failed today, but I learned from my mistakes” should take over your negative mind. Children never evaluate their failure to walk on the first try nor they underestimate their abilities to succeed. The perseverance has taken over the negative impact of failures and that’s the key to successful life.

Another key to success is having reasonable goals. While you should have strong goals, they should be reasonable. For example dreaming to be the first man on sun would be extremely unlikely, but educating to be a scientist is very reasonable. During the process to be science guy, you will come across many obstacles. However, the perseverance along with “never give up attitude” should keep you going. One thing you have to take note is that you should always acknowledge your achievements. Never ever under estimate the value of the work you have done. You cannot accomplish your ambitions if the grass is always greener on the other side, so make sure you enjoy your achievements by comparing them to past events in your life. Do not compare your life with others because it will only leads to never ending cycle of disappointments.

Each and every person is unique. Therefore you may have different ways of improving your abilities. There are several things you can do to improve your skills in perseverance such as;

  • Always set reasonable goals and never give up on them
  • Evaluate yourself reasonably and never underestimate your achievements
  • Do not compare yourself to others
  • Always look for the positive things in a bad outcome
  • Do not chase other people’s dreams, but follow your own
  • Do not dream on future, but rather concentrate on what you can do now to improve your future
  • Always look for the work that needs to be done not the work that already finsihed
  • Learn from your mistakes and turn them into learning experiences

I hope this article boost your morals. If you would like to add something to this or have a feedback, feel free to post a comment.