May 06 2012

Oh Canada, what a country!

Here are some little known fun facts about Canada. Most of them are government regulations and while some laws are reasonable, all of them are controversial for sure. I know that there are stupid laws in many other countries. But I live in Canada and that’s why this article is on questionable Canadian laws and regulations.

-Canada is probably the only country in the world that defending your own property is a crime. For example, if someone tries to rob you, you cannot defend your property because the robbers can take you to court for attacking them.

-While EU and most Asian countries will allow their passport and government ID card holders to smile on their picture, Canada do not allow anyone to smile. In fact, most Canadians looks pissed on their passport photos.

-Every fifth song broadcast on radio must be a Canadian song. What qualify as a Canadian song? The artist must be born in Canada.

-It is illegal to pay a large amount with pennies even though penny is a government security backed deposit like any other type of money.

-While euthanasia is kind of legal in Canada, it is illegal to help someone kill themselves.

-In Nova Scotia it is illegal to water the lawn if it is raining outside.

-In most provinces you must follow the speed limits when driving. You should not drive too slow or too fast to the posted speed limit. However, the bicycles have the right of the way on roads even though there are designated bicycle paths.

-In Québec, all business and cooperate signs must be in French. You can have English signs, but then the French one must be 2 times bigger than the English one.

-There are a lot of rights given to Canadians by the Federal government. But most of them are illegal through the bylaws of City and Provincial governments. Basically one law contradicts the other. Example would be the right to protest on publically owned government properties.

-Most laws are invalid once you enter a “private property”. The only problem here is ANY institution can make private laws as they desire. University regulations on students behaviours, for example, often violates even the Canadian human rights codes.

-In most metropolitan areas, the city government dictate what colour your house can be painted. Sometimes the law even applies to the colours inside the house as well.

-Anywhere in Canada, it is illegal to remove bandages in public. But people do this anyway.

-In Guelph, the city is a no-pee zone.

-In most places, either by government laws or by neighborhood/condo regulations, it is illegal to have a clothes line.

-It is illegal to drive a car naked and/or without shoes under most provincial laws.

-You are allow to criticize government as Canada claim to be a democratic country. But it is illegal to criticize the Governor General or the Queen.

-It is illegal to criticize professors or teachers in Canada. You will be expelled from the institutions.

-It is still illegal to commit suicide, making Canada one of those few first world countries to have this law. But, who will be going to jail? The dead body?

-In most provinces, no matter what happen and how it happens, if a pedestrian get hit by a vehicle, it is always the driver’s fault. For example, if I cross the road in a middle of 100 km/hr highway and you hit me, it is YOUR fault even though I am illegally crossing the road.

-It seems in Canada there are more laws to protect criminals than the victims in all three levels of governments; city, provincial and federal.

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