Identifying, analyzing and controlling our thoughts

If we want to avoid disasters or calamities made by ourselves, we have to stop to put ideas in our head. The moment we stop an idea arising, the moment is called “True Awakening”.

There are all kinds of garbage in our mind, if we want to purify our mind, getting rid of the garbage in our mind might be the first thing we have to do. What are the garbage of mind? Dirty and polluted thoughts, greedy thoughts, hateful thoughts, infatuated thoughts, worried thoughts, suffering thoughts, haughty thoughts, impudent thoughts, envious thoughts, indecent thoughts, heterodox thoughts, dreary thoughts, and hollow thoughts, these can be called garbage of mind.

Some one in the history said once that some one who can govern troops of million soldiers is not a hero, the real hero is that some one who can govern his mind. Now we should understand the meaning of these words.

If an evil thought arises in our mind, then more evil thoughts like water will come in torrents, nothing can ward them off, nothing will shield them off. These evil thoughts will forever lead us to thinking like evil, talking like evil, and acting like evil. Ever since life began, the habitual temperament of human being makes us like this; it is doubly difficult to get rid of them.

When we can keep governance of our thoughts, hence our mind will not be affected by situations, from this, our mind can free from control. This is a very hard level to reach, but first step always is hard.

For those who have too much friendly feelings (crazy about women), if they do not control their feelings well, they will follow this special kind of thoughts to talk love, hence they will sink into the deep sea of feelings. For those who desire wealth and honour greatly, their mind are clouded by material desires, the covetous thoughts will lead them to fame and wealth, and they will be in the bondage of reputation and wealth forever. The gambling lovers, the alcoholics and, all will follow the specific thoughts to do something beyond expectations.

Always keep watch for thoughts in our mind, try to realize or know what and where our thoughts are, as a matter of fact, according to the experienced people’s idea “Thoughts always are vanished when you watch them.” If we could practice like this all the time, our thoughts will become less and less, this is not the level very easy to reach, but at lease we have an idea that there is a way to get rid of thoughts.

Like we mentioned, that things arise always depending on conditions, when conditions come together or gather together, things arise, when conditions disperse or dispel, things cease. [This is a doubly important notion]. When we understand this notion, we will also understand that everything in universes is impermanent, from this point of view, we should be easy to get rid of CLING (Always persist in our opinion). Always remember and practice the notion of IMPERMANENT, this will benefit [To Purify Our Mind] a lot.

Written by credit: Hank Fu