May 28 2013

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Geologist’s field checklist

The select all, none and invert functions uses JavaScript code. If your browser (like old mobile phones) cannot handle JS, you will sill be able to read the list, but may not be able to tick off the check boxes on the left most side. A word to those poor Geologists who still on IE instead of FireFox, Chrome (or webkit) or Opera, the time has come for a change. As always, the Print button at the top will remove my title images, menus and border for you to print. The check marks will also print as it is so you can use this page just like an Excel file.

This list may not be complete. Always check with your educational institution before making any arrangements. I am not responsible for you getting attack by a small rat in the woods or a bunch of engineers up to no good.

Travel Essentials

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Personal and Safety Gear

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Tools and Equipment

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If you would like to edit or add items to this list, please contact me. Improving this list may help your fellow students.

Updated: 30-July-2017

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