Geology 491 Final Exam-University of Calgary

GLGY 491 – Paleobiology

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Geology (GLGY 491-UCAL) Final Exam

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Credits: Based on the excellent class notes provided by, Dr. Marius (Dan) Georgescu during Fall 2013. Proofreading and corrections were made by fellow students in GLGY 491 course.
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Since, Dr. Georgescu decided to repeat some of the questions from the first two midterms, some questions posted on this quiz may also have appeared on the previous 491 quizzes. However, please study the BlackBoard questions for previous exam questions.

In case in you have missed the additional support materials, please visit the main Exams & Resources page and check under GLGY 491. Note: No questions from the two midterms are posted here. But there will be some questions from them on the final. Refer to previous 491 exams.

Quick… save the world!

The world is about to get hit by a meteorite. The computer that controls the high intensity electron beam (use for destroying the extraterrestrial objects) has been hijacked by Graptolites. But they got a riddle for you. What are their orientation from I to VII? If you name them in 30 seconds or less, you may be able to save the world (Disclaimer: Probably of saving the world is a function of the power of the electron beam and it is inversely related to the time in which it take you to shoot it. In other words, the longer your take, 1/t will result in unfavorable outcomes. Once the riddle is solved, you will be granted with the access code. However, use it wisely!).

Find my Graptolitic stipes orientation!
Find my Graptolitic stipes orientation!

Standing on the shoulders of giants