Documentary: Planet Earth’s Northern Hemisphere

Title: How the Earth was Made
Producers: http://planet–
Type: Satellite time-lapse
Country: Canada
Year: 2011
Website: web

A great time-lapse of Planet Earth, created using images from geostationary Electro-L Weather Satellite. The images are in 121 MP high resolution and taken between May 14th, and end on May 20th, 2011. Just a nice touch to have Sri Lanka and India on the center of the focus. According to the YouTube post; “The images are the largest whole disk images of our planet, the resolution is 1 kilometer per pixel. The images are “masked” by a circular barrier that blocks out the light of the Sun and other stars. This is to prevent damage to the camera by exposure to direct sunlight. The images have been interpolated (blended) to create a smooth animation.”