Deleting files over a network

I just ran in to a huge problem. I accidentally deleted a documentary file over the network. The network drive was mapped to my computer and the folder was located on the server hard drives. No matter what back up I had, I deleted the entire documentary by mistake on the network drive and now I can’t find it anyway. This is a huge overlook that still we face in share folders in Microsoft Windows environment. I don’t know if this is applied to other OS versions like Apple Lion OS, but this is really bad. If you delete a file on a network drive over the LAN, you will lose the file forever. The file will not be sent to the recycle bin because it bypass that step. I think this should be a choice when you map a folder as a network folder because that way the network admin can choose what if the deleted files goes to the recycle bin or not. Specially in home environment with so many non computer experts have access to your shared folder there is a huge possibility a user may delete your files forever.

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