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Philosophy by definition is the study of reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. While I am not religious or endorse Buddhism, I think there is a valid reason why the ethics, moral and self discipline of Buddhism has taken an important role in modern Western clinical psychology and even clinical physiotherapy (physical therapy).

Is Buddhism a philosophy or a religion?

Several people asked me whether or not Buddhism, a popular belief system in Asia, can be consider as a religion. Several high profile academics from both the East and the West argued one way for the other. Some even called in a cult not because they hate Buddhism, but because it is a heated debate how you place Buddhism in this well organized educational structures. I used to have several documents on my website on Buddhism. After I enrolled in university, I decided to distance myself a bit from Buddhism because while I agree with the psychology and psychotherapy side of Buddhism, I do not agree with the social practice of Buddhism in Asia. I do not consider myself as a Buddhist, but if I have to pick a so called “religion”, it would be Buddhism. Continue reading Is Buddhism a philosophy or a religion?

The philosophical side of me

I am depressed on my performance in Faculty of Science courses required for my degree program for over two years now. What is exactly happiness? First I thought happiness has to do with how much “stuff” I have in my position such as my servers, my computers, the network I have, the brand Blackberry Bold 9900, etc. Then I changed my mind and thought that may be education is the key to my happiness, where I can be very successful in life with financial and social stability that comes with a Continue reading The philosophical side of me