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What was your new year resolution?

Just curious… it is already the 06-January and if someone ask me what is my goal for the new year, I would say spend less time on the net. Of course it would be impossible with my love for computers and technology.

A lot of people make resolutions for the new year. What is yours? Let me know by either commenting or emailing.

Having said that, this may be my last post for a long period of time. I am going back to school this Monday and once the school stuff get rolling, I will have hand full of work in order to be successfully earn good GPA for all the courses. Wish me good luck!

Why choose applied science & engineering?

It is in our popular cultures to encourage people to follow their dreams and life’s goals. What if those dreams leads to troublesome future? What if the dreams are unrealistic or impossible to achieve? In my opinion, when it comes to education, it is important for the students to make decisions that makes sense for the future rather than just chase dreams because in Canada, the higher education is not free and even if it is free you will abuse the free educational system by jumping from one to another. Continue reading Why choose applied science & engineering?

Why I love Blackberry over others

A lot of my friends asked me why the hell I love my Berry while most people are going for the iPhone and Android based phones with much better hardware and software integration. The reason is simple; I love the RIM’s iconic physical keyboard where I can type at a faster rate than on a virtual keyboard. But, the fact my very first cell phone happen to be a Blackberry have played a major role in how I choose my cell phones now days. With the faster and better integration of social media and web browsing by other companies have pushed the RIM against a wall. However, there are features that Blackberries offer that no other smartphone can. Continue reading Why I love Blackberry over others

Beware of good friends, where no one speaks!

There is a huge scam going on where victims are often middle class to upper class individuals or families, where that one good, if not, the perfect friend ruin your family’s finances. This is a well known scam for years, but it become a very popular tool for many in this hard economic times. What gets me is that most of these criminals are well educated!

Let’s get to the point so that you are aware of the scam before its too late. There are a lots of ways to become a victim of fraud by your close friends. The following example is just one of them:

  • Friend(s) or even a family member(s) become very close to you.
  • They earn your trust using;
      their educational background, specially if you are in South Asian or Chinese community
      by spending money on items to impress you or your family
      by building good friendships with other family members of you
  • Propose a great scheme usually involving stock market shares, real estate or business ventures.
    • your personal assets will be a target
  • Because they already gain your trust, they will ask your to join them/him/her with their scheme where legally you become a partner of the shares, house or company.
  • If it is a house, they will remortgage the house and Continue reading Beware of good friends, where no one speaks!
  • Bullying should be treated as a hate crime

    This is why bullying should be treated as a hate crime NOT as a miscarriage of justice! Bring on the laws… don’t just suspend the bully from school, send their parents to jail! Most of the time it is NOT the kids fault, it is the parent’s fault. If the parent of a bully defend her/his son/daughter, give them a 1 year jail time or $5000 or up charge. Period! H. D. Cartwright Junior High School (Calgary) parents also should STEP down from their bullshit moral high grounds and kick those parents who refuse to take responsibility for their bully kid! Continue reading Bullying should be treated as a hate crime