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Why should you love Western Democracy?

atomic_cloud_japanThe human civilization is an irony itself. There are more smoke screens control our precipitation of what is “right” and what is wrong than ever before. The ideology of Western Democracy is the world’s largest deception take take precedence. The following list of items may sounds ironic, but this is the true face of Western Democracy.

We should love the Western Democratic values because…

  • …we can get away with crimes in the name of it.
  • …we can can attack any other country and kill it’s citizens and get away with it.
  • …we can get wipe an entire civilization in the name of it.
  • …we can can steal other people’s resources in the name of it.
  • …we can can blame others for our own wrongdoing.
  • …we can control media and present it as free media to outsiders.
  • …we can forced down our religion without the UN getting our way.
  • …we can blame other political parties for our own mistakes.
  • …we will be respected even when we are the one with wrongdoing.
  • …we will be able to pass any otherwise unethical ideologies as ethical.
  • …we will be able to practice imperialism without the negative definitions attached to it.
  • …it will allow us to promote “free market” while still protecting the interests of large cooperation.
  • …it will help control banks for the rich and diminish the distribution of wealth.
  • …it will provide power to the rich thereby nulling the workers’ rights completely.
  • …it is simply the greatest hypocritical deception that is successful at controlling masses without a revolution!

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