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Documentary: The Dark Ages

Producers: The Dark Ages
Producers: History Channel
Type: Social Science, Society, Religion and Politics
Country: USA
Year: 2007
Website: web


A “OK” documentary for junior level Geography and History classes. I would not consider some of the historical facts writer(s) and historians discussed to be accurate. For example, Barbarians are not 100% bad people while Roman Empire was far from perfect. The documentary also failed to highlight the misery of slaves in the Roman Empire. It also failed to mention destruction Romans did to Corinth and Carthage in 146 B.C. The documentary also paints a picture of Catholicism being the backbone of European culture during and after the Dark Ages. However, there are sill large number of other Christians and native religious groups existed. Finally, the documentary failed to say that Dark Ages started before the fall of Roman Empire. Dark Ages did not start at the fall of Roman Empire.

Even with several inaccuracies, this movie can be used to obtain a general idea of the social and economic situation in Europe. In other words, this will provide you with some background information and overall picture of the European history.

Documentary: Earth – The Climate Wars

Title: Earth: The Climate Wars – BBC
Producers: BBC
Type: Science, Social Science and Politics
Country: UK (Britain)
Year: 2008
Website: web


The documentary covers a wide range of aspects related to climate studies. I think this is a well balanced documentary even though I must admit it is bias in favor of science of climate change. It is a three part documentary by BBC. The first part talk about the history of climate change science in 1970s. The early experiments behind the climate studies were also discussed in depth. Second part primarily focused on counter arguments against climate change. In the final part, they addressed concerns and issues raised by the anti-climate change activists during the second part of the documentary.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Documentary: Don’t Panic – The Truth About Population

Title: Don’t Panic – The Truth About Population – BBC
Producers: Dr. Hans Rosling and BBC This World
Type: Social Science and Statistics
Country: UK (Britain)
Year: 2013
Website: web


According to Dr. Rosling, Mozambique should mine and burn their coal as they wish instead of being poor due to the myth of “Global Warming is caused by the poor”. It’s the rich like us in first world who should cut down the power usage.

The world population growth is not a major problem according the new statistics. In fact, the population growth will level off soon with fewer children born to women even in developing countries. However, this lecturer is highly optimistic on his analysis and projections of world human population growth.

Very good documentary and finally one professor which I can agree with.

Documentaries: Generally democratic

doc_democraticThe “democracy” is a term given to a wide range of government planing and administration methods, which in theory give the “power to the people”. Unfortunately our understanding of democratic systems are usually shaped by the mass media and the government itself. Contrariety to the popular belie, the democracy has fragmented into so many sub-ideologies, it is creating this false sense of morals across the world. The irony in the modern world democracy is, itself is popularized by the West (often) through violent American lead invasions.

Democracy My Way

doc_trumpedThe biggest lie the the history of mankind ever is the ranting of “we bring you peace”. The second one is, “we are here to bring you democracy”. It is almost like American lead west is chanting a some kind of sick religious prayer. In recent years, I have realized this is also fueled by so called free thinking mass media controlled by either the rich or the governments themselves. The Vietnam war is a very good example of brutality in the name of democracy. Human rights violations committed by Americans (Army), Canadians (CSIS) and the rest of the West and the East who provided aids to the anti-communist forces have committed more crimes than the Communists Part in Vietnam. During the violent terrorist campaign by the pro-Christian against native Vietnamese Buddhist (which the Christian West dines outright), the media such as BBC and CNN were not better than Hitler’s media in Nazi Germany. No one asked if those Vietnamese people are happy to be in a Communist environment, but everyone in the West telling the people of Vietnam what is right and what is wrong. How come this is democracy? When did an outsider teaching the natives what is right defines democracy? The identical situation is now being unfolded in Afghanistan and Iraq. Like in the old days, few years from now countries like Canada will do everything in their power to ease the history of their connection to American genocide. (There are a lot of “proofs” on Canadian involvement in Vietnam. But hay, if you go against the official story, you are a conspiracy nut – wow, free speech democracy eh?)

Faking the Right Way

Governments controlled by the rich and the powerful have mastered the art of lie. It is now harder to determine what is the pure truth because every bits and pieces of information we get comes from very few controlled sources. For example, do you know out of 50 to 60 new papers and media outlets in Canada are owned and controlled by less than 10 companies? Did you know the US media and banks are almost 100% backed by either drug dealers or weapons manufactures/traffickers? The political arena also have filled with lobby group with special interest to protect their masters. While citizens of a country votes for puppets, it is the those “big guys” who actually run your “democratic nation”. The following documentaries are some of many that I came across on how we are wrong about democracy. I honesty do not see a difference between democracy and the communism or socialism. But I rather support socialism than capitalism because capitalism poisons not only the government but also the minds of people over a long period of time.

True Face of Western Democracy

People controls the governments in the West? Do you think that the democracy is a true open system in the West? Do you think only the Communist abuse power? Check these out;

You’ve been Trumped (2011)

American Drug War: The Last White Hope (2007)

Breaking Inequality

After you watch these documentaries, some of you who are still in denial would believe we are generally democratic. What the hell that means? I heard this from many Canadians whenever they find themselves in difficult situations such as Canada’s right to participate in NATO’s Afghanistan war. As a society if we tolerate deviation from true democracy, then how come we do not tolerate rape by labeling it as generally it is just sex?

Documentary: Planet Earth’s Northern Hemisphere

Title: How the Earth was Made
Producers: http://planet–
Type: Satellite time-lapse
Country: Canada
Year: 2011
Website: web

A great time-lapse of Planet Earth, created using images from geostationary Electro-L Weather Satellite. The images are in 121 MP high resolution and taken between May 14th, and end on May 20th, 2011. Just a nice touch to have Sri Lanka and India on the center of the focus. According to the YouTube post; “The images are the largest whole disk images of our planet, the resolution is 1 kilometer per pixel. The images are “masked” by a circular barrier that blocks out the light of the Sun and other stars. This is to prevent damage to the camera by exposure to direct sunlight. The images have been interpolated (blended) to create a smooth animation.”