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I like Android and BlackBerry. I also like smart consumer electronics. What is “smart”? Well, anything that makes your life easier would be smart… isn’t it?

Introduction to CSS scripts

CSS is a powerful web based (HTTP) coding system that can integrate into variety of other languages such as PHP, HTML, JavaScript and C#. Therefore, it is a useful language. Each and every programming language have it’s own set of libraries full of short codes. If you are new to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) or programming in general, the basics to learning any language is to understand the basic parameters and libraries. I would spend a Continue reading Introduction to CSS scripts

Multiple Google accounts on Android Gmail

There are two independent email applications (apps) per-loaded by Google Inc. on Android devices running 4.0.x to 4.2.x (may be even before 4.0); Gmail and Email. The Gmail app is used for Google push service while the other is for non-Google email accounts. During initial setup of the phone, the user will prompt to add a Continue reading Multiple Google accounts on Android Gmail

How to improve battery life on smartphones

I recently jumped the ship from BlackBerry Bold 9900 RDE71UW to Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-I747. One of the major issues I ran into (other than missing out on BBM and physical keyboard) is battery life. It is hypocritical to blame it on Samsung because Bold 99xx run on 4G/HSPA+ network with BIS connection which in comparison to GS III run on faster true 4G/LTE network. With the added speed of LTE network and large Android apps Continue reading How to improve battery life on smartphones