Bullying should be treated as a hate crime

This is why bullying should be treated as a hate crime NOT as a miscarriage of justice! Bring on the laws… don’t just suspend the bully from school, send their parents to jail! Most of the time it is NOT the kids fault, it is the parent’s fault. If the parent of a bully defend her/his son/daughter, give them a 1 year jail time or $5000 or up charge. Period! H. D. Cartwright Junior High School (Calgary) parents also should STEP down from their bullshit moral high grounds and kick those parents who refuse to take responsibility for their bully kid!

I am posting this because 15 year old Marjorie Raymond from Quebec committed suicide (28 Nov, 2011) as a result of bullying. The bully posted on Facebook after the incident, “Suspended 5 days! ahahaha! Not bad”. Suspension from school doesn’t work… sending the bully kids to jail with their parents will! This is a growing problem in Canada and as law abiding Canadians, we should ALL stand up against this kind of behavior.

Why did I talk about Calgary schools? Because my brother and I went to Calgary schools. My brother was bullied once and when school was informed, the only thing school did we to contact the parents of the bully. But when the parents of the bully arrived in school, they blamed us saying this is normal child behavior and it is NOT their child’s fault. These type of parents should either go to jail OR social services should take their kids away before they do more damage to our society.

Enough is enough!