Résumé (Curriculum Vitae)

BSc, Geology
Geoscientist in Traning – GIT/MIT (APEGA)

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Web: www.sanuja.com, www.sanuja.net


2016 University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta
Bachelor of Science in Geology

  • Concentration in Petroleum Geology
  • Geoscience: two 200-level General Geology; 300 level Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Structure, Stratigraphy and Sedimentation; 400 level Mineralogy, Petrology and Hydrology; 500 (advanced) level Petroleum Geology, Sequence Stratigraphy, Structural Geology, Geophysics
  • Other subjects: Communication Studies, Economics, Business Anthropology


2014 May – University of Calgary Calgary, Canada
Advanced Field School

  • Area: Carlin Canyon, Nevada, USA
  • Collected data on site for several different Formations and Geologic structures
  • Interpret the history of the Carlin Canyon

2012 – University of Calgary Calgary, Canada
Field School

  • Area: Alberta and British Columbia, Canada
  • Collected data on site for a stratigraphic cross section
  • Basic Geological field techniques and processes


IHS Energy – AccuMap: A software used in the oil and gas industry for analyzing data across a geographical area of interest.
2016 – AccuMap Engineering Maps & Data
2016 – AccuMap Land Maps & Data
2016 – Geology Maps & Data
2015 – Introduction to AccuMap

IHS Energy – AccuLogs: A geophysical software used for well log evaluations.
2016 – Introduction and Advanced

IHS Energy – Kingdom: A geophysical software used for seismic 2D and 3D interpretations.
2016 – Kingdom Getting Started

IHS Energy – Petra: An integrated system for data management, manipulation, visualization of geological, geophysical and engineering data.
2016 – Petra Getting Started

geoLOGIC – geoSCOUT: A software used in the oil and gas industry for interpreting wireline petrophysical well logs.
2016 – Getting Started with geoSCOUT 8
2012 – Introduction to geoSCOUT 7


2016 January – (current) Canadian Rockies Earth Science Resource Centre Canmore, Alberta
Earth Science Educator

  • Prepare Geology and Geophysics educational tools for professionals and the general public
  • Work with AccuMap in developing well production geological maps
  • Participated in organizing geoscience conferences and exhibits
  • Geoscience resources facility management: cataloging samples in Excel, identify fossil samples
  • Manage the Information Technology and the security network

2015 June – 2015 August Canadian Rockies Earth Science Resource Centre Canmore, Alberta
Summer Student Geoscientist

  • Imperial Oil core samples project support (Geology, Geophysics and technical capacity)
  • Geology and Geophysics educational guide
  • Setup geoscience exhibits and demonstrations
  • IT and technical support for the facility

2014 May – (current) University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta
Web Developer, Geoscience Department

  • Supervisor: Dr. Benoit Beauchamp
  • Web multimedia development for a small scale project
  • Multimedia editing for online distribution
  • Drupal Content Management System

2013 May – 2014 June University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta
Technical Support, Geoscience Department

  • Supervisor: Dr. Charles Henderson
  • Digital database development
  • Digital images of rocks and minerals
  • Web development under Drupal Content Management System for internal use
  • Integration of wide range of concentrations including, but not limited to mineralogy, petrology, structure, sedimentation and stratigraphy

2010 – 2013 BestBuy Canada Calgary, Alberta
Computer Sp.

  • Customer Service and basic customer training
  • Computer Hardware and Software sales

2009 – 2010 7-Eleven Canada Calgary, Alberta
Sales Clerk

  • Customer service
  • Night shifts with inventory placement

2007 – 2009 Perera Developments Corporation Calgary, Alberta
Accounts Payable Data Entry/File Management

  • Customer service
  • Timberline accounts payable system
  • Handle multiple vender invoices
  • Act as a support staff member to accounting department
  • Help to build a filing system for sub companies

2005 – 2009 Insight Engineering Services Limited Calgary, Canada
Web Editor/System Developer

  • Develop and update the content of the web site
  • Assess and address the difficulties of the online database
  • Ensure the company standards of the web site been met

2007 Insight Dynamic Incorporation Calgary, Alberta
File Server Management and System Design

  • Program and develop file database server
  • Design the user manual for the server
  • Construct and develop system files
  • Transfer previous database file to the new server


2014 – 2016 University of Calgary Geology Students Union Calgary, Canada
Vice President Technical

  • Responsible for the SU Rundle website
  • Maintain the Desire2Learn (D2L) e-solution
  • Provide support for other IT related projects

2004 – 2010 Community Calgary, Canada
Position: Web Developer/Editor

  • Update and edit the content of the web site
  • Act on the demands of the Buddhist community
  • Ensure the online experience of visitor remains at the professional level

2004 – 2007 Sir Winston Churchill High School Calgary, Canada
Web Developer/Editor

  • Coding of the database
  • Maintenance of the site data
  • Ensure the site exceed the Board of Education standards

2007 Kusa Paba Stage Drama Calgary, Alberta
Website Administration

  • Developed and designed the official web site
  • Developed and update the online ticking system on demand
  • Ensure the online database will update under requests from drama participants
  • Address the difficulties and problems in computing

Magazines and Advertisements

  • Help design the magazine and the personal profiles of participants
  • Address the needs of the community and drama participants

Fundraising Committee Coordinator

  • Arrange the programs and set up timelines and goals
  • Address the difficulties
  • Coordinate the fundraising committee members


Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Geomatics, soccer, Wushu, forensic books, develop custom built servers.


Educational and professional references are available upon request.

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