I am the website owner of (Résumé). This blog launched as a hobby project and overtime grew into a large scale operation (somewhat). In fact, the server for this site used to be located in the basement of our house. But I decided to moved to a hosting company in May, 2012. The content here is written by me, but may have been updated, peer reviewed or edited by others.

I am currently enrolled in Geology program at University of Calgary. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have a wonderful family. My younger brother is Manuja Senanayake (web).

Here is a kind official/professional version of my biography….

The site administrator, Sanuja Senanayake is a budding Geologist who is no stranger to web design and server development. He has more than ten years of web designing experience. He was drawn to the limitless possibilities of the world wide web and information technology in 2003 while he was in a junior high school computer course. Since there was no regulated program for the computer course and it was considered as an option class, he self taught the Hypertext Markup Language(HTML). Today, he has experience in CSS, Python, Java, JavaScipts, PHP, XHTML, DHTML and several server side programming/designing languages. After using third party web hosting companies for convenience, he built his first server in 2006. In 2010 he used an old computer to install Fedora Red Hat server OS and self taught the terminal core functions during the summer school breaks. From 2004 to this day he has been developing servers and websites for non-profit organizations and commercial companies. In October 2011, he brought his first dedicated a server hardware, which is currently the Server I of his system.

Since Summer 2013 he has been working for University of Calgary project by project basis for several different Professors. He is currently a self-proclaimed expert of Drupal and WordPress CMS (Content Management Systems).

Working hard or Hardly working? My home office.
Working hard or Hardly working? My home office.

Web and sever development is the favorite hobby for Sanuja Senanayake, who also enjoys life long learning of many other subjects such as math, physics, chemistry and geology.

In 2010 he entered University of Calgary to pursue a degree in Geology with the concentration in Petroleum Geology from the Faculty of Science. His ambition is to work in a geo technical company as a geologist.

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Geology Field Work - 2012
Geology Field Work – 2012

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