Documentary: The Dark Ages

Producers: The Dark Ages
Producers: History Channel
Type: Social Science, Society, Religion and Politics
Country: USA
Year: 2007
Website: web


A “OK” documentary for junior level Geography and History classes. I would not consider some of the historical facts writer(s) and historians discussed to be accurate. For example, Barbarians are not 100% bad people while Roman Empire was far from perfect. The documentary also failed to highlight the misery of slaves in the Roman Empire. It also failed to mention destruction Romans did to Corinth and Carthage in 146 B.C. The documentary also paints a picture of Catholicism being the backbone of European culture during and after the Dark Ages. However, there are sill large number of other Christians and native religious groups existed. Finally, the documentary failed to say that Dark Ages started before the fall of Roman Empire. Dark Ages did not start at the fall of Roman Empire.

Even with several inaccuracies, this movie can be used to obtain a general idea of the social and economic situation in Europe. In other words, this will provide you with some background information and overall picture of the European history.