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Jan 15 2014

Petrology Media Library

The information posted here is not in a particular order. If you want to find something specific on this page, I suggest using page text finder on your computer (Ctrl + F). Important terms and information are in bold. For additional photographs and information, please visit the following pages: – Mineralogy Media Library– Photomicrographs of …

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Jan 06 2014

How to fix overclocking failed error

This is a well documented boot failure issue on most Asus motherboard. When the issue arise, the message, “Overclocking Failed! Please enter setup to re-configure your system.” will be displayed on start up before the system goes into boot sequence. So, how can you fix this? What causes the problem? The K-type processors from Intel …

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Jan 05 2014

Cloud computing: a blessing and a curse

Right after the DOT-COM bubble began to shrink, a new concept of computing called cloud computing gave hope to a dying breed. It boosted the profits of entirely Internet based companies like Dropbox Inc. and opened the market for new Internet based companies. The next big step for this technology is the “smart home” which …

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Jan 01 2014

Documentary: Don’t Panic – The Truth About Population

Title: Don’t Panic – The Truth About Population – BBC Producers: Dr. Hans Rosling and BBC This World Type: Social Science and Statistics Country: UK (Britain) Year: 2013 Website: web Opinion: According to Dr. Rosling, Mozambique should mine and burn their coal as they wish instead of being poor due to the myth of “Global …

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Jan 01 2014

How to build a basic antenna

We use wireless devices to send and receive information without worrying about physical obstacles. In the old days, most consumer grade wireless devices such as mobile phones, routers and RC controllers came with large antennas. Today some manufactures decided to go with internal or built-in antennas. This is not always beneficial to the consumer. For …

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