Excel Visual Basic Scripts

A simple program like Microsoft Excel 2010 can be used as a powerful tool by manipulating the software. Microsoft has published several “how to” guides such as this one Getting Started with VBA in Excel 2010. They are very good articles, and I am not trying to beat them. After all, they wrote the software anyway. I just want to introduce Excel as a powerful programing tool for home users Continue reading Excel Visual Basic Scripts

Geometry of Folds

Rocks undergo deformation as a response to regional differential stress. There are two major types of deformations: ductile and brittle. Under differential compressional stress, formations that are brittle will undergo faulting; usually normal faults while formations that are ductile will most likely undergo folding. Often we observed combination of both ductile and brittle deformation in our lithologic or rock record and these deformations almost always occur under multiple episodes.

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Types of Ore Deposits

Notes: Not all ore deposits will contain secondary minerals. The epigenetic (different times) and syngenetic (at the same time) is based on the time frame for the formation of the host rock and the ore. Some ores cab be classified as both syngenetic and epigenetic.

Placer Deposit

Primary: Gold
Secondary: Platinum, Uranium, Silver, diamonds
Other: NA
Host: magmatic basalt
Process: Magmatic intrusion and later transported by fluids
Examples: Gold Rush (India and any country river or flowing water) Continue reading Types of Ore Deposits