Problems with Network Attached Storage Enclosure

A lot of people who like tech gadgets choose storage enclosures over plug-and-play NAS(Network Attached Storage) units because they comes with additional hardware customization options. Unfortunately I found that these “benefits'” outweigh the network administration and maintenance nightmares. Continue reading Problems with Network Attached Storage Enclosure

Keep your website fast, secure and robust

There are several reasons why some visitors to your website would leave so soon. Not having a clear introduction on what the site is about, the improper sitemap and/or link structure and incorrect use of language are very common on personal blog sites. The most common problem that almost all websites is the loading time. From cooperate websites to personal blogs and everything in between face the uphill battle of keeping up with the fast phased “connected” society. You can take several steps to optimize your site which will help keep your Continue reading Keep your website fast, secure and robust

Web developers should avoid automated translations

There are over 6000 languages spoken today (2012 statistics) around the world. However, the most popular languages would be Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic and Hindi. Even out of these major languages it is safe to say that only Chinese, Spanish and English have a major impact on the Internet. The number of Chinese and English websites have exploded as a result of high standards of living in the West and rapid technological advancements in China.

This is why you will often encounter cooperate websites under multiple domains presented in several different languages. Even governments such as Canada with two official languages maintain federal and provincial data in both English and French. While those large companies and governments have the money to spend on manual translations of their websites, private web owners and small business websites often opt in for automatic online translation services.

These services are sometimes offered for a small fee while the majority of them are free to use. While the idea of automated translation by a computer may be great on paper, it is nowhere near perfect compared to manually translated websites. While it is true human translators do make errors, the computers are far worse than that. The best example would be idioms. The idioms in English can be translated to a different language in literal meaning rather than the true meaning. For example, “it was raining cats and dogs in the morning” in English may be translated in to Chinese with the meaning that it was actually cats and dogs falling from the sky! Funny isn’t it? The idioms are not only problem for computerized translations. Taking words out of context and translating to fit the pattern of words before and after it may give a different meaning. Often the out of context words and phrases will make the reader lose interest in the subject matter.

In my opinion, these automated online translation services will turn your professional website to an armature kids site. If you are business website owner, this may even harm your company. If you are a writer or a poet the meaning of your original thought may have been missed by the computerized translation engine. What is the point of creating a website, a blog or any document if part of your global readers mislead due to translation? No matter what level of website you run, I think it is better if a website have no translation option what so ever than to have a automated system.

Support sportsmanship; not the country or the team

The 2012 London Summer Olympic is probably the only Olympic games that I watched met with so many controversial issues from qualifications to post games. When racial and ethnic issues came out in the media, first I thought that I am too sensitive “it” causing my mind to focus on negative aspects of the games. But after coming across several newspaper and blog articles (references) on racial and political problems of the 2012 London Olympics, I think it is safe to say we still have a problem in our communities. Continue reading Support sportsmanship; not the country or the team

Quick guide to buy a good domain name

There are many web articles on how to buy a good domain name. However, often you have to read though paragraphs of lengthy “facts” and “arguments” to find the information you are looking for. But here is a quick reference guide on what you should look for when buying a good domain name.

Choose good words…

Domain name is your identity. Therefore choose a good set of words(or a word). If you are planning to sell your domain once it increase in value DO NOT use your own name(such as Use a generic name like The value of a generic domains always increase at a faster rate. Also, be careful if you are picking a name that is close to a registered cooperation or an organization. For example, if you register, you may get into legal issues with CNN news company.

Keep it short and clean….

Try to avoid long names such as Often people may misspell your domain name. What I mean by keep it clean, two things; the first is that if you can avoid special characters(dash -) and numbers, this will keep the domain professional. Second thing is unless you are crazy, do not pick a name that has double meaning or association to something dirty. For example, probably a bad idea.

Use a Top Level Domain…

The most valuable Top Level Domain(TLD) is .COM and often you will find the disagreeable names are already taken by someone. If you are building a website for monitory gain(earn money), you can looking to domain resellers for popular domains that goes for sale. In my opinion, nothing can beat a .COM domain. At all cost I recommend avoiding country specific domains (.ca, .uk) and domain with secondary levels (

Cost of owning a domain…

For a brand new .COM domain registration, the cost will be around $10 to $20 per year depend on the registrar. If you really want a country specific domain, the price will be higher than that. Some companies may charge you more, but in my opinion, I would go for a reasonable one. Unlike other industries, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN) regulates domains. While there are companies that hijack domains, it is highly unlikely to happen if you go with a reputed company.

You are good to go. Hope you find a good domain for your needs.