Why choose applied science & engineering?

It is in our popular cultures to encourage people to follow their dreams and life’s goals. What if those dreams leads to troublesome future? What if the dreams are unrealistic or impossible to achieve? In my opinion, when it comes to education, it is important for the students to make decisions that makes sense for the future rather than just chase dreams because in Canada, the higher education is not free and even if it is free you will abuse the free educational system by jumping from one to another. Continue reading Why choose applied science & engineering?

Thank you Google for all the free stuff

When I first started working with HTML, one problem I run in to was in order to create a great user experience I had to import scripts from several different third party service providers. For example, the site visitor data was kept by a one company and the contact form from another. The problem is that these companies that provide such services are asking too much in return from web developers. Not only they forcefully post pop-up ads and other useless materials, but also referral URLs to back to their sites are often open in the same window causing the visitor to exit the site itself. I managed to avoid some of these issues by loading PHP, SQL and Java databases to the server and facilitating packages such as WordPress. For items such as Contact forms now I use my own PHP script that save data on my own server. For visitor logging I created the ip log file code, but it is time consuming to go over millions of IP addresses to analyzing treads and traffic flow to this site. Continue reading Thank you Google for all the free stuff

PHP based password protected access point

I found a PHP based script that will protect data from the general public. This is done using a simple PHP script that will terminate the page data from processing in HTTP request if a correct credential is not entered. The key part of this script is that it can be saved in any folder on the server regardless of the folder access is public or private. The script can be used to protect any web page using the PHP’s native data loading mechanism. I have no idea how secure the PHP script now protecting the secure science area. That’s where detailed user records comes in handy because in an event of a hack or a flooding, I can monitor the situation and close down all lose ends of the system. Continue reading PHP based password protected access point

Why I love Blackberry over others

A lot of my friends asked me why the hell I love my Berry while most people are going for the iPhone and Android based phones with much better hardware and software integration. The reason is simple; I love the RIM’s iconic physical keyboard where I can type at a faster rate than on a virtual keyboard. But, the fact my very first cell phone happen to be a Blackberry have played a major role in how I choose my cell phones now days. With the faster and better integration of social media and web browsing by other companies have pushed the RIM against a wall. However, there are features that Blackberries offer that no other smartphone can. Continue reading Why I love Blackberry over others

The philosophical side of me

I am depressed on my performance in Faculty of Science courses required for my degree program for over two years now. What is exactly happiness? First I thought happiness has to do with how much “stuff” I have in my position such as my servers, my computers, the network I have, the brand Blackberry Bold 9900, etc. Then I changed my mind and thought that may be education is the key to my happiness, where I can be very successful in life with financial and social stability that comes with a Continue reading The philosophical side of me